RUN #4 (APRIL-5th 2016): FREE AKASHIC RECORDS READING (& Free Meditation) - MUST read guidelines. (Last Revised: 3-29-16)

Hello my dear Starseeds!

It has been over three years with this thread, it is amazing how time flies!!!! 

I just launched my Udemy Lucid Dreaming Course, I am giving it away for free (PM me for free coupon) so it can build up and gain ratings. I will love if you joined my course and you rated it, that way, I can grow in udemy.
You can see it here:

We have reached almost 200 readings already, it is amazing and I feel very honored in doing this. So, having a chat with my Spirit Guides yesterday, I feel it is good to go for another one. Please, read this entire post, even if you have read it before, as there are some changes. You are getting one free reading, so put a little effort into reading this post, so the energy is balanced. I want to keep this long term, so please, help me to do so, all you need to do, is to be considerate.

I will post both requirements and my wishes:


  1. It does not matter if you have had a free reading with me before in the past. You can get ANOTHER FREE reading if you desire. Please, refer to #6 below. We are currently in RUN #4. If you got a reading after the April, 5th2016, you got your reading for this wave/run.
  2. I cannot stress this enough. I like to give away readings, but remember to not be abusive and to please ASK ONLY ONE QUESTION. And with one question I do not mean one single "?" so do not try to ask two questions in one using "and" because that won´t work. Please, be conscious about the time I put into this.
  3. I do not need your full name. While is commonly believed it is a requirement, your name only exists in your current lifetime. The Akashic Records are connected to your soul, hence no name needed, but only your permission for me to open them.
  4. All the readings are done by voice, and they last about 1-2 minutes.
  5. You can ask any question you desire, however, all topics revolving around love ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for a free reading. While I do not mind to read on a negative situation, and as a healer I know it is normal, I do not want to deal with love issues during a free reading. Please, keep this in mind. You can go to my site clicking here to order love readings.
  6. I will only grant one free reading each run as long as it is posted in this thread, please, do not use my contact form at my site for free readings, I won't grant any.
  7. You need to post your question in this very thread and not sending it to my PM. I like to do the readings in a "cascade style" and so having to jump to your PM is a nuisance.
  8. All readings will be inboxed (PM.) Please, add me to friends.. If I am not added, I will post the reading publicly in this thread. Also, I am asking for you to only download YOUR reading, and not listen to others. Treat these as private correspondence, whether they are public or not.
  9. No one is going to be skipped. If you did not follow these rules, I will notify you and you will need to rejoin the line. So, again, NO ONE WILL BE SKIPPED as I feel this brought confusion and people would mistakenly believe they did something wrong. If you do not see your reading, please, check again. If you still did not see it, send me a PM and I will send it to your inbox.
  10. One more thing. ABSOLUTELY no exceptions. This is my livelihood and I since I am incarnated in this planet, I do not have other choice but charge for my work, in order to be able to pay my bills and eat food. So only one reading per person (as I write this on 2-23-16 everybody is eligible for one again)


  1. These are free readings, so I am not requiring anything in exchange. I know some people cannot afford even a penny, especially teeneagers, so I am happy to give these. However, I will appreciate if you are in the position of making a donation, and you are able to find it in your heart, you give me a donation, does not matter the amount. You can go to my website and from there, you can click on Join my free healing list as there is a donation button there, (the donate button here is for, not for me) for you to donate whatever it fits with your budget. Also, you can join my healing list also if you want, that is always free.
  2. If you have further questions, you can either go to my site and buy a reading (and it will be treated like a normal reading) or you can give me a donation of at least $2 for another "starseeds reading" which means, the same free reading rules apply. This only applies if you did have a reading after the 2-23-13.
  3. I am open for trades as well, send me a PM instead if you prefer to trade, I will be happy to do a trade, but all the free reading requirements could still apply. (Even though, depending on what you have to trade and what I sense from you, I might do a larger reading for you, to make the trade even - as I did before - so send me a PM.)
  4. I do not have the intention to promote my readings site, as I have a a good amount of workload every day, however, I want to promote my second site, that only sells guided meditations and manuals. I would love if you posted this on any social media you have access to and you asked people to share it. This is the site you want to share, This will be a huge favor for me, and it is free for you!

Feel free to request your reading now! I will need you to state you give me permission to open your Akashic Records (your Soul libraries) and also to post clearly your question. Make sure you follow these guidelines. 


For those who do not know me, I am a Psychic Medium and I offer plenty of other readings such as Tarot, Mediumship, Aura, Energy, Healing and more. I can offer free healing to anyone who needs it as well!

I also have a voice that vibrates at a frequency that helps induce trance (said by many) and I have plenty of meditations and manuals that I also sell on my site :)

You can get a free guided meditation here If you download it, please, let me know how did it go!

Lots of Love & Light for you!

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Haha, sorry.
I wasn't sure if it was a surname or not.

Hi appriciate your kind work.. would like to know about

1. My spiritual path/how to increase my spiritual growth
2. My origin/Akashik reading

Thanks a lot

Please, read the OP!

Hey Fernando.. I give u permission to access my Akashic records, kindly let me know
1. My spiritual path/how to increase my spiritual growth
2. My origin/Akashik reading

thank a lot...

love n light :)

Hello Fernando,
I give you permission to access my Akashic Records!
where did my soul originate from?

Hello Fernando,
I give permission for you to access my akashic records. What past life trauma or contract is blocking me from finding my purpose in this life?
Thank you.

Hello Fernando,

I give you permission to access my Akashic Records

Who was I in my most recent past life?

Thank you!

Hi Fernando,
I give you permission to access my Akashic records. Where does my soul originate from? Thank you!!

Don't forget to add or accept friends!

Some readings sent!

Next in line is Daniel O'Keeffe, which is on page #141!

Some changes will be coming soon!

Wohoo - Thanks!

Hello Fernando,

Nice to talk to you again. It has been a long time since I have been on this site. Thank you for your time as always.
My question is: What is my relationship with elementals?



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