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Hello my dear Starseeds!


(You can also check in video)

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I am amazed at how much time flies!! This thread is already over 4 years old! So, to celebrate, it is time to run another wave. Most members already got their reading, so why not a new one? I am honored to see that this thread has brought so many people to the forums. Even though this site is not mine, I am aware how much it helps, so I am glad to contribute to its growth!


This is the classic, “Free Akashic Records Reading” topic. However, I have reached a point where I will also connect with your Spirit Guides, Higherself, Energy, Chakras, etc. I might also use divination tools. This way, the information will come with more detail than just access one of these sources at a time. This reading is called “The Reading” for the mere purpose of removing all labels, since in the end, they are completely unnecessary.


So, what am I giving away this year? (All sent through PM):

  • One free reading for members (new wave started.)
  • One free guided meditation for Chakra Empowerment.
  • One month worth of Premium to gain access to my courses (as well as thousands of many other topic courses). Mine are: Master Lucid Dreaming and Understanding the Tarot.
  • Free nightly healing through a healing list.
  • Join a pool of subscribers where other meditations, complete courses, larger readings, crystals and more will be raffled.
  • And more!


I am giving this unconditionally to all of you, asking for nothing in exchange. Guidelines are simplified, but some have changed drastically (to the better! I think.) If they are properly followed, you can even get a longer reading! 

I want to say that communication is the foundation of humanity and evolution. It saddens me to see how our communication skills are slowly weakening. I do find a huge energy exchange when my guidelines are read, since it is the least you can do in exchange for freebies and free help. I will extend/shorten the reading time length based on how these guidelines are followed as well as your support.


  1. This is WAVE #5 (Started on 05/08/17). You may have ONE free reading. It does not matter if you had a reading with me before, as long as your last reading was before Wave #5’s date (05/08/17). You MUST POST in this thread. Do NOT send me PM with your question and DO NOT contact me over at my site. I only give free readings AT THIS COMMUNITY. Nowhere else in the Internet, not even on my own site.
  2. You may post more than one question, if they all share the same topic. These are free readings, so I cannot guarantee that all of them will be answered. Many people buy readings from me so I need to be fair to these people as well as to my very own energy. Keep this in mind when asking.
  3. I must be able to PM you, you need to add me to friends. Readings are as private as your most deep secrets. If you want to share your reading, you are welcome to do it because it’s yours. But readings will not be shared in public, so if I get to your reading and I am unable to PM you, you will need to rejoin the line.
  4. My life purpose is to assist others in their path. I do not believe in competition and I have already assisted others in raising their own spiritual business and following their life purposes. For this reason, I suggest that the questions are spiritual in nature. Whether is help with life purposes, development of gifts, understanding of spirit messages and other questions belonging to Spirit, the reading time is going to be more generous.  
  5. You may ask questions about your personal issues as well, no topics are banned, not even love. But please be aware that very negative topics create a heavy toll in my energy (like with every single healer) so reading time will be briefer. To keep them free, I must also be fair to my own energy. Most people must use their hard-earned money for this. I need to be fair to them as well as to me.
  6. Many of these raffles will occur over Youtube. I will greatly appreciate it if you subscribe to my Youtube channel. I will be hosting global forecast readings, monthly messages, raffles, free meditations and more. I need to grow my Youtube channel for this. I will consider this in the reading time.
  7. Another source where raffles will occur is my blog. My blog is less than one year old, but I humbly invite you to it. My readers find the information to be useful and it is completely free. At the same time, I invite you to join my mailing list over there. This way, you will also be able to get your free 10 minutes guided meditation. This will also be considered in the reading time.
  8. I will be clear. Do not try to take advantage of my goodwill… do not cheat and be grateful with this reading. You can rest assured that there are going to be future waves as we are already in wave #5. I have noticed a few cheaters in the past, to a point of temporarily shutting this down. I enjoy giving these, so do not taint that good feeling out of greed, please
  9. If you want a trade, I am willing to do it. Do not post it in the thread and PM me instead. I might accept or not, depending on my spiritual needs at that moment.
  10. You may join my healing list right here. If you find it in your heart and you want to give me a donation, you can do so there as well! I will greatly appreciate it.

And this is it :) I am excited in starting WAVE #5... and go for another lovely year with all of you :)

Added notes:

1. If I reach to your turn and I am unable to send you the reading, I will notify you and you will have to rejoin the line. Otherwise, it would be a mess and time consuming for me.

2. I am observing that the point "You may post more than one question, if they all share the same topic." is not being followed properly. I will answer the question(s) on the one topic that Spirit finds the most convenient for your Highest Good.

3. I allowed love questions, but please, remember that these type of readings will yield the least time in the recording, as they are the most draining (at least for my energy!) I do not mind gifting love readings too, but I will be fair with my energy as well!

Much love, light and healing!




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All set!

Next in line:

Reply by María Sánchez on May 20, 2017 at 1:20pm at page #148

I would like to know my soul's purpose this lifetime and is there any message from my spirit guides? You are permitted to view my akashic records :)
Thank you

Hello :)
I would to receive a reading from you. I think it is so generous and kind of you to be doing this. It is truly healing. My question is what is my souls purpose? Also what do my guides need me to know, whether it be about my gifts, my past lives, or general knowledge that they feel is important. Thank you so very much!


I would like a reading on my overall health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I suffer from chronic anxiety and I want my energy to be more grounded. I find myself thinking any small issue could be the end for me on this Terra. Thank you Fernando!

Much Love, Light and Appreciation! <3 Namaste, Carter K. :)

Hello Fernando, it's so kind of you to continue this cycle and help people with their problems! Bless you. I subscribed to your youtube and email list:)

My question: Which things do I need to know right now in order for me to grow and become the best version of myself?

For example: are there toxic people in my life I need to let go of, information from my past life/higher self that will benefit me, (sub)conscious negative self image/ or negative thought I need to become aware of?, energy blocks?, Tips/advice/messages from angels/universe/higher self/whatever, my lifestyle I need to change?, people I can/can't trust? Is the path I'm on right?

These are just examples, may I get the information that benefits me the most right now and may it be in the highest good of all concerned! thank you very much

Hello Fernando! So kind of you to give free readings. I am new here and I think I am a star seed or indigo of some kind. Could you please tell me something about my spiritual origins and spirit guides? Which spiritual gifts do I have or to develop further? Anything specific in the work field in the future? Soul purpose? I can say I have a medical background. Kindly regards Mary
Hello! My great friend just got a reading by you and he was shocked how accurate it really was! I'd love for a read on my past ET life, thank you so much! Peace and love your way :)

Hello Fernando, before I ask you anything I will like to kindly thank you for helping all these wonderful people.My questions for you are:

1)What is my soul origin?

2)What is my soul name?

3)What is my soul purpose?

Thank you so much for your time <3

Hello Fernando, thank you for offering this free reading. I would like to ask what specifically I am supposed to be doing in my life right now and in the near future - I am a college student and am a bit lost right now with regards to the specifics and I feel that if I am not decisive soon I may not be well prepared. Thank you, love and light :)
Blessings, Fernando. I have some questions I wish to have answers to. It's been bugging me since my Starseed awakening:
1. Where exactly is my Home World?
2. What was the past life that brought me to Earth?
3. What is my mission on this blue & green planet and how can I achieve it?

Thank you for giving your time to help people. I really appreciate that. Namaste. :)

Hello! I would like to know my soul origins and past lives/incarnations, please and thank you. :)

Hallo you are a bright soul, and I thank you if you could open, with my permission, my akashic records.
Basically I'd like to find out my life's main purpose as well as I'm trying to track my stars origins.
Bright Blessings

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