Does anybody have any idea how old the Universe really is?

I've recently learned, grappled with, and then accepted that I have lived lives on many planets all over the galaxies.

I have even begun to regain some memories of some of my past lives.

And, I have it on good authority that the Universe is much, much older than is told by science.

So, any memories, thoughts, ideas? Please share!

Then I would love to tell you all what I think.

I just wish to see if someone else shares a similar number of years before I reveal my musings.

And if any of you are not comfortable with writing in the discussion, however still wish to impart thoughts, feel free to add a comment on my profile page. :)

thanks, everyone!

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This current universe evolves as a self sentient physical hologram inside a immortal and eternal star-gods universal "memory".
It has been through countless cycles and "harvests" so all bets are true if it contains the word eternity.

Love and blessings

Wow....I was trying to figure out how to express it and Vidar expressed it perfectly! YES YES YES Time, itself, is simply a dimension...and all IS HERE AND NOW and ETERNALLY Creative and Evolving....We can even incarnate backwards in time!

4 => 12 cycle spiral outward
Precise yin Yang count of current symmetry and proportion of the hypersurface of the Now
Dear Mohammed Afikur Rahman,

I am fascinated with your perspective of the age of we universe, though I must say that there is some terminology that I don't know and thus confusd me; I really dn't understand it all, what it all means. Would you mind explaining it more? I would really love to comprehend this concept. :)

Mohammed Afikur Rahman said:
4 => 12 cycle spiral outward
Precise yin Yang count of current symmetry and proportion of the hypersurface of the Now

When I hear you say ' How old ' I suspect you are expecting an amount of years based on our human linear time experience, but what if existence and universes are beyond our human linear time keeping? Our current sense of time is all ready undergoing an acceleration towards no-time or ever expanding now time, which some attribute to the time experience in 5d and "higher densities". Also, universes appear to have multiple timelines which have to be factored in... multiple alternate realities existing simultaneously. These timelines are oriented by different choices or by other potential realities that are made possible. The ancients did use the symbol of the snake eating its own tale called the Ouroboros to depict the universal (time). In this case the beginning and the end are in the same "place or time" which can be called a 'singularity point'. A point of creation outside of time and space or space-time out of which all manifestations are sprouted from. This singularity ties in with creator essence or consciousness which are in the realm of no-thing, but we should realize that consciousness is the only certitude and origin if any, from which everything is derived. Also, one should realize what is important at the end of the journey, (not that I expect there to be an end, just transitions in something more expanded) The time elapsed along the journey, or the experience gained and the expansion of consciousness produced. What matters is not something as illusory as the human notion of time, or the distance traveled, but the experiences we have along the way.

Also, we can't keep using the imagery of an expanding event such as the big-bang theory, which proposes an expansive motion outward starting in one singularity in which all matter was created from nothing. Scientists like this theory cause it doesn't need much explaining regarding where everything sprouted from. "it just appeared in a flash". New models have been presented...models which are not just expansive but are expansive and contractive at the same time. Much like the yin and yang being polarities within a unified model, the torsion-field models appear to be much closer to reality. They have a movement away and back to the central singularity and are seen in microcosmic models such as the electro-magnetic field of planets and human bodies, cyclones, cells, atoms, etc... In the torsion field there is a contraction and expansion happening at the same time... No need to 'wait' for the end of the expansion to contract everything back into singularity again. It happens all the time. All of this may sound paradoxical but isn't the notion of being a limited human and at the same time being infinite creator essence paradoxical? 

examples of torsion field based model by Itzhak Bentov : 

I feel that the universe is as old as life and I think they have the same dress size. And mother nature wares her age well. Yet the cycle of life or circle of life imply the start of cycles at one point. It would be from here one may find the largest recognizable cycle and project a summation of the projected total. On thing I will say id I am sure it is over 1,000,000,000 years and don't think it is only 13,000 years. and our sun and syrus have a 24 to 26 thousand year cycle depending on source opinion. and there are writings that talk of us being in like the 5th recorded cycles or epoch That time alone would be 125,000 years.

Interesting thoughts thanks for sharing

Namaste JD

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