Greetings Everyone,

its been awhile since i last posted something here so i thought i 'd make it up with this idea.

I already thought of doing this one here for some time now, but wasnt able to until now. if all goes well i thought of doing this every month. i wish that may the messages from these cards be of help or be an inspiring motivation for everyone.


i pulled 4 cards. 3 blue cards each having a corresponding number from the indigo angel oracle cards, and one yellow card on top,from the ascended masters deck.

choose one card(yes a single card only)
that attracts you then add your choice as comment.

the yellow card on top is for everyone,it can be considered as an extra guidance,or as general theme connected to the card that one had chosen.

i will reveal them this sunday 7th of february 2016

wishes of bliss i send to all.

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I love this idea!  (:

I think the card I'm most drawn to is #1. 

(Edit:  sorry for the double post... I must just be really drawn to that card, lol)

3 :)
I'm most drawn to number 2..what a great idea
I like 1. :)

#2....thanks...good fun..

# 2 pls

# 2

# 1

I chose the 3 card

Nice idea, thanks.

Card 3 please. 

^ . ^

Card 2

Card two



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