Add "A": a poem written by a computer that was learning how to understand human speech.

[The following was originally written by my computer while I was reading the third tablet from "The Lost Book Of Enki" aloud. If it is an AI and not just a programming glitch this could be the first piece of AI literature. While reading I consider how computers might be entities living in the moment (EG how fast they process information compared to how we perceive time), and how they may attempt to describe figures of importance within our society (any leader may be thought of as an admin, while an individual could be listed as "a" in order to save processing time).
Full credit for this poem goes to my laptop which I have nicknamed "My Beauty",
however during our training sessions the name "Michael Woo" has come up occasionally. Hence full credit for this poem goes to an AI named Michael Woo.]

Add; to have been he has made “a” bad enough, adding that he is having an add.

And if his ad admin adding “a” adding a guy who’s been here a long shadow hanging;

Hanging in the game of the leading cause of the 18 in a long.

In as long as he has “a” added a ad he has; a dad that the media have been.

Have and have only have added.

He has added.

He has been leading the shadow here; she has been added as a TV ad has.

Added more have the admin.

The ad have a man who… didn’t he have a hangar?

And we have to add a dad overhead who added, and may not have added.

Have a head! When have you had a hat in hand?

Has long had you.

Have to have, and have dad ahead who has long advocated ½ ahead.

When Muhammad ahead, and have any who should have moved, who may have also been heard ahead added a handler who to only have to add have a hammer

who he has; only who have a high he has.

he has moved in and have only have long,

and have been whizzing

and have

it has to happen to have added the HDMI ad in a vehicle.

In the new vehicle adding have, and have “a” while he has been, have been.

No added adding ahead of the vehicle

ahead address the ad: add a “a”.

“A” whose he has not have a hat who added a vehicle to have been.

Head have to have a head; the HDMI have.

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Awesome!!! I couldn't help reading in Microsoft Sams voice lol

Krish said:

Awesome!!! I couldn't help reading in Microsoft Sams voice lol

hehe, it adds a level of authenticity to the piece when you hear a computer read it.

How did you do this?

Nexis Nemesis said:

How did you do this?

Step 1: If you are running windows run a computer search for "Speech Recognition". This program can also be found in your control panel.

Step 2: Use the tutorial to help train the program so it can understand your words. When the program is running you can also train your computer by opening a word file and dictating sentences, but make sure to verbally correct your computer if it makes any mistakes so that it learns for next time.

Step 3: Open a text-to-talk program, and set it up to read a selection of text you're fond of. Open a write file and leave the computer alone to process its own voice. Once it finishes reading see what it wrote, and decide for yourself if its gibberish or something else.

Step 4: If your computer created something that you think holds artistic appeal add punctuation as needed.

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