Hello friends, please share your abduction experiences with grey beings (or other if so) if you can and like. Can be positive or negative.

I've had my own but not the usual type, and certainly not really the involuntary type.

They have more to do with astral projection into the non-physical levels of reality. I once wanted to reach a higher plane/level by beaming me up to a higher vibration and that is where I (strangely...?) met them.

3 greys, actually like tall whites, pretty shining but with the usual large black eyes as we know them. They were just showing themselves to me for whatever reason and just watching me from a little away. Nothing more. So it was a neutral experience.

Another time I astral-projected from my bed onto a kind of operating table and then saw the beings around me, but they were trying to be helpful it seemed, getting me out of body, looking at me in a loving and careful way. They also did not look entirely like greys, more hybrid-like.

Regards, Abductus

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One of my classmates was once abducted by them.

Last summer i was abducted by Andromeda civilisation. A night before they visited my dream, were wearing yellow suits, like biohazard suits, (those needed to protect me from their energies). One of them gave his hairs as simbol of help.
So next night they contacted me and told to drink water before sleep as it will help (and it did) when sleeping I entered dream where was celebration and then some chinese people come and they talked in strange language, then asked me to climb into helicopter. I did so and we were rising up wut it felt heavy and not easy. then next dream scene where I awaked in truck full of mattres. Then wake up, next day, when looking into mirror, it really looked like i was somewhere far away, behinf moon.

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