As Zaikan, I thought it best to post another, and updated, introduction.

In the summer of 1973, when I was eleven, my family moved to West St. Paul, Minnesota from Detroit, MI. Both parents were from Minnesota, and wanted to move back to seemingly be amidst their extended families. We moved into a ranch style house in the midst of several acres of undeveloped land.

My family is large. Four older brothers, a sister in the middle, four younger brothers. I am the oldest of the younger brothers. I am the odd one out; seemingly the most metaphysically minded and least athletic. Really the only one interested in spirituality and hobbies and “interests.” The only one who did not like to watch sports on the tube.

I visited the local library in W. St Paul and found the paranormal & fortean section. I started reading books on UFO’s and got hooked on them and all forteana.

One late night, around about 1985, I was the last to bed down, as usual. The house was dark and I was going through the living room to my bedroom, on the opposite side of the house from everyone else. Out of my peripheral vision I saw a 6.5ft. tall satyr or demon form. I knew about satyrs and nature and elemental beings. At the time I thought it a powerful nature spirit. But with MY family and parents, it could just as easily have been a demon/fear form. Surely if any of my family had seen it, they would assume a devil or demon. I was not frightened and did not sense/hear/feel anything from/about it. It was very distinct and crisp looking and whitish in color. It was also looking right at me with a literal ear-to-ear grin.

In 2007 I was stepping off the bus to walk into the building where I worked. I had moved to Denver, CO, and was working in a title insurance place as a proofer. I heard a very distinct male voice in my head, saying “You were Cu’Chulaine.”
Cu’Chulaine is the most famous of all Irish warriors from olden times, renowned for his berserker fury and prowess with the spear.

I did not believe it and felt a seeming indifference to my disbelief from this “voice.”

That was the only time I ever “heard” voices. That “satyr” was the only paranormal/ghostly form I have ever seen.

As far as I know, I have never seen a UFO. I MAY have some very fleeting remembrances of “alien” contact, more specifically laying on an examination table while some humanoids were around me. All I could see was one of them from the side, someone’s buttock region. It looked human male and was in a violet form-fitting suit. Mayhap a dream, except the color would be unusual for one of my usual very maudlin and dreary dreams.

I have never had communications or visitations from angels, guides, masters, fairy.
I was in a nine day coma in 2006, semi-awake for much of it and have no memory of any sort of NDE or OBE.

I am sensitive to people’s emotions and mental states, although the psychics, shamans and medicine men that I’ve talked with have all denigrated this apparent empathy.
I sometimes get the high-pitched ringing in my ears, in one or both ears. When I emailed this to a woman who wrote of such things, she instantly replied that it was tinnitus.

I sometimes see erratic moving lights at my peripheral and front vision. They leave trails and have been in several colors. When I told this to someone while at some sort of paganesque gathering, and said that I see these things full face on and not just at my periphery, she stared off with an alarmed and faraway look, like it was a very bad thing and I had thrown her for a loop.


I’ve joined many groups, wiccan, asatru, pagan. It never worked out for very long. I have attempted to write to many who wrote about and/or had websites or shows about things fortean or whatever. As it turned out, being ignored really was the preferable outcome to such endeavors, because NOBODY wants their petty little fantasy worlds disturbed. Also, all of this really is THEIR property, and NO sharing.

So I have never seen a ghost, as far as I know. But lately it seems that many that I live and work and travel with on the bus themselves act and sound and behave like haunting entities/poltergeists.

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Hi Pat. Thanks for sharing an intro, it's good to hear your stuff. Ain't it a shame when folks get possessive? Blessings. :)

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