Hey Starseeds :)

What has happened in your day today? I'm guessing some good things, and some not so good things... Or maybe not much at all.

Tell me all about it! And tell me as if it was the best day of your life. Even the most negative things that could possibly have happened to you can always have some kind of positive outcome - like having taught you a lesson for the future or helped you grow in some way.

So here's mine:

Mine has been quite mundane (I've mainly been at work). But I've gained more of an appreciation for those less mundane days of the past and future and spent some time with people who I genuinely like and want to get to know better! I also met some new people who were friendly and also managed to make some strangers smile or laugh at work today - which is an awesome form of connection :D I also did some yoga to help me appreciate my body and it's surroundings as well as continued to be vegan (and ate healthily despite temptations).
So pretty much the best day ever.
The trees looked beautiful against the blue sky out of the tram window on my way home from work too...

I hope to hear some of your experiences soon.


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I like this thread.

Well it's 9 in the morning here now, not too much have happened. Did not sleep tonight because I took the nightbus from Liverpool to Edinburgh, but I did not expect to sleep because I never manage to sleep on the night buses lol, so I did not expect to sleep. I had my computer in the bus, found some interesting things to read on internet. For example I found out that it seems like Barack Obama actually had good intentions when he was a president, but not 100% sure.
I had a nice little meal in the bus: a can of Coca-Cola and some snacks. It was raining a loooot yesterday but today it is sunny. I will meet my parents today, haven't seen them for about 10 months, they have paid for hotel for me and them and they just sent me the details so I can go to the hotel, they are still in norway, they will take flight to Scotland soon.

If yesterday count as today; it was a really nice day, me and my friend from liverpool was going to different cafès and he showed me a vegetarian restaurant and I bought "Spicey burger", it was very good, and we was watching interesting videos with my computer.

Love love love love from me too :-)

okay, this morning I woke up around 2.30 and it turned out great cause about 4 I jumped up and started sorting through papers to find a receipt I need, an it isn't there but I hadn't realised how long it was since I had done a chuck out of old papers. It always feels very cathartic. Love it!

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