When animals communicate with us, they do it without words. Non-human animals, insects and plants are direct representatives of mother earth. She uses them to speak to shamans. If you are open enough then you can communicate with her.
The more reverance and gradittude you have for the earth and all it's creatures, the more the earth will open you up to recieve insight and understanding.

Today as I was walking into work. I got a feeling that a bird was watching me. It started to chirp and squak a bit. Directly at me. I figured it was just doing it's bird thing and proceeded to walk towards the door. Then I heard a louder squak directed at me. So I opened my awareness to the bird and in that awareness asked the bird (without words) if it was talking to me? Then it started squaking and chirping directly to my pineal gland. And the message I recieved was in urgency. I could sense it in the birds "tone of voice" if you want to call it that.

Since messages are recieved without words, this is a translation of the orginal message.

"It is imperative that you cultivate the ability of no mind, here is where mother and father rest and hold power. Presence reveals spirit and dissolves unnecessary thoughts. It is imperative that you/humanity cultivate this ability. Thought is an illusion, do not identify with it. Silence dissolves your conditioned mind and leaves you an empty cup for the essence of awareness, the all to enter."

Be present in the moment. Look at past as memory, nothing more nothing less. Cultivate thoughtless awareness. Have reverence and appreciation for mother nature. You are so much more than what you think. Your energy levels increase in silence. Your energy levels increase in non judgemental or non dual observation. Be aware. Be mindful.

And that's it. Hope you all have a wonderful monday!


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Wow!  It resonated with me and touch it me very deep. Thanks for the message.

Is here a group for Earth-healers? If not; we need one, soon!..... I mean: soon! :)

Love and Light.

You are very welcome brother! 

I would love to get into a group for earth healers! Maybe we can start one if there isn't one already?

Luis C. Martell said:

Wow!  It resonated with me and touch it me very deep. Thanks for the message.

Is here a group for Earth-healers? If not; we need one, soon!..... I mean: soon! :)

Love and Light.

I love this message, thank you very much I got a lot out of it.

I'm glad you did, the message means a lot to me too! :D



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