I'm starting this discussion to see if anyone has had any similar experiences to me.

I receive a lot of my clairvoyance through visions in the dream state. A few days ago I wrote down a question I had for the universe that's been on my mind and in my heart for a long time. I asked when will the great awakening of souls into full consciousness take place on the earth plane. When I went to sleep that night, on waking I saw a brief vision. I saw a great ethereal cloud with the year 2017 written clearly above it. I then heard a very clear voice say to me "Humanity has until this time to decide what is good and what is evil".

I feel strongly intuitively that there will be some sort of divide on the planet between those who can live in peace with one an other and those who cannot. I've also been told in a dream that there is going to be a split between the human race very soon.

Has anyone had any similar experiences or visions? I would be very interested to know.

Much love. Sizzy. 

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Yes you do, and you even admit you don't know me, but you claim I am ignorant on having not having any knowledge about be to judge me. I dont know how many times must I say , that i dont have beliefs that I only know and understand things, because it is how my brain is wired up. Secondly you dont even understand what part of please leave me alone. So please leave me alone, I am not feeling well because of this.

Ignorance is the lack of knowing and I don't need to know you, I just read what you said, not a belief while stating a belief. You do not have to respond to me, and that's unfortunate for you. It seems like you simply want the last word so I will leave this be and you do you.

Unfortunately, some people won't feel the truth and strength you have within until they clear their hate and anger :)

it all comes back to the old saying... which wolf will you feed ? the one that creates harmony , love , joy , abundance etc.. Or the one that destroys , creates imbalance , decay , stagnancy , suppression , pain , suffering etc...?

the case here in the now where we are in 2017 .. as i see it from various perspectives the choice has been given through peoples experiences so far to say.. will you continue on the path and cycle of unhappiness , faithless ( not refering to a religious dogma ) , suppression of pain and trauma.. and the addiction to suffering? cause wether one has come to realization or not suffering can be a addiction in result of being subjected to a upbringing of lack of that which promotes connection to love , nurturing etc...

the way i've come to know and understand things is setting no conditions , unerstanding that all things are in flux , transition , change.. therefore.. as said by various well established philosophers and mystsics , sages, shamans ..

the only constant is change..

and so let it be a adventure.. we have our lowes , we have our highs .. richness can be found within the lowest of times.. if we are prepared to see that there is more out there that is amazing and fruitful.. there's not one being on this planet that does not know of pain and suffering.. the understanding and knowing .. not belief .. to believe is to surround your self in a set structure and filtering through what is acceptable to ones chosen perception .. as all is a perception BUT is it a perception of illusions upon illusions of what is made ... to be reality or is it based upon what you gain insight from based on various perspectives that then allow for a more accurate " panoramic view " if you want to call it that.. in essense you can either have tunnel vision of what you can see.. or see a whole host of things that are occuring before your very eyes and with the inner wisdom that we all are capable of unlocking.. its all about the first step 3 it is a natural cycle that is occuring within the mainstream population.. first it was more so within us that we awakened and continue to do so into deeper and deeper inner-standings and out-standing of things as our consciousness affects the field of reality... tbc <3

Many that I've spoken to(including myself) have felt a change on the horizon, though I'm not sure about the 2017 deadline. After a little of my own research I found myself drawn to the theory of astrological ages. If you're unfamiliar with the theory this site can give you the basics: http://www.signsofthetimeshistory.com/ages.html
There are many different symbols you can find(specifically in religion) of or relating to these ages. The greatest example is the symbol of fish with Jesus's name written within the fishes body. The fish, of course, is the symbol of pisces, the age we're in right now. For more subtle signs of the age, think about this(in relation mainly to the mindsets and likes/dislikes of the general populace): pisces are generally romantics, have a great love of music literature and drama, generally do better in warm, sunny climates near the sea, and enjoy luxurious exotic places, can be very impressionable and indecisive however once they've found a chosen path are likely to put their whole self into it, excluding all other possibilities, are generally more fearful, can become melancholy or depressed very easily and are apt to turn to things to escape like drugs, alcohol, or otherwise. Of course there is much more to the picses sign but these are the easiest related to the age since 0 B.C. I'd also like to add that as you think about this it's best to relate it to the earlier parts of the age. The closer we get to the age of aquarius, the more the general mindsets of the populace begins to change(remember it took at least 100 years for the onset of christianity, which was honestly the biggest indicator/change of the transition into the age of pisces). I believe thats why we're seeing such a change in thought processes. People are becoming more interested in science, more innovative, progressive, and intellectually based, more people are willing to fight for their causes yet are also becoming more open-minded to others ideals. Thats not to say of course that the coming of the age of aquarius will bring about utopia; every sign has its downfalls. But I found this theory very fitting to the changes we all seem to be seeing.
I would recommend(if you're interested) looking at a few other sites for info on this, as this one is pretty vague and if you are knowledgeable about astrology you can certainly find some inaccuracies but, it should at least give a general idea to go off of. Personally, I think the portrayal of aquarius at the end is almost solely based off of the writers optimism, rather than actual observations/facts about the aquarius astrological correspondences.

i have simmilar dream too. someone say that they are search special people all over the world now so changes come



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