I'm starting this discussion to see if anyone has had any similar experiences to me.

I receive a lot of my clairvoyance through visions in the dream state. A few days ago I wrote down a question I had for the universe that's been on my mind and in my heart for a long time. I asked when will the great awakening of souls into full consciousness take place on the earth plane. When I went to sleep that night, on waking I saw a brief vision. I saw a great ethereal cloud with the year 2017 written clearly above it. I then heard a very clear voice say to me "Humanity has until this time to decide what is good and what is evil".

I feel strongly intuitively that there will be some sort of divide on the planet between those who can live in peace with one an other and those who cannot. I've also been told in a dream that there is going to be a split between the human race very soon.

Has anyone had any similar experiences or visions? I would be very interested to know.

Much love. Sizzy. 

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Ive heard a number of people say it will be 2017 & they way things have taken a turn energetically as of late i believe this to be correct.

Thank you for your response, that's interesting to hear x

This is good news for us love u heaps for sharing your thoughts

If possible, try to read or to watch The Deadline according to Chico Xavier - There's a lot of very interesting info, kind of match with what you're sharing here

Thanks, i'll check that out :)

i already had such "visions"... but it was in the mid 90's and nothing major occured. So since then, i don't pay too much attention to such things (no offence). Things always happening, but i prefer to stay moderate concerning humanity's evolution. I see evolution as a progressive process, in comparision, people climbing stairs one step at the time, not 25 (like nature and spirituality slowly evolving on a long period of time). Mediums and channelers predicted that 2000 was the beginning of a new era... but in a way, every year is the beginning of something else, so i expect 2017 to be special as (...) 1980, 1981, 1982...(etc) 2016 and 2018 (etc...) will or was. Humanity's consciousness constantly evolving, so every year is special, whatever if it's in best or worse.

reminds me of Dolores Cannon's findings, she is a regression therapist who does research on ETs and many other issues, the "New Earth" and that split or schism is one of her topics

but this is so often the case for any 'ascension' or religious 'rapture' topics, there are dates given and then nothing happens and it is said to be postponed or whatever

therefore I'd rather agree to what A Ciakar wrote, it's a gradual thing, that does not mean that 2017 sth of significant for this process might indeed happen, let's wait and see ;-)

I must agree there have been many predictions and I've felt so let down when nothing comes to fruition. It's just the question I asked and answer I received. I just wanted to share what I experienced, that's all.

Hi Sizzy, what you just wrote made my evening. I been doing a lot of research in my side + plus watching several Bashar videos which helps, as well lol. Just what I'm trying to say is, 2017 is supposed to be Year of Disclosure. That is Extraterrestrial Contact of some sort.

You are getting right info on here. Amazing. Other kindred like souls are getting the same info. 

Life is getting real interesting on the Earth and Soon we might all be very surprised.

   I personally don't like Bashar, and many other mainstream channeled beings as well. I have my reasons.

Who is Bashar?

   A channeled being who is just plain wrong about a lot of things.

^ . ^

   Look him up on youtube!



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