2017 Faster Manifestations & Time To Come Together & Work Together

Hey Starseeds, 

Already feeling some crazy energy the last couple of days, really feels very positive. This year for us, our manifestations should be a lot faster (in fact the last month I've already noticed a huge difference for me). 

Based on what I could see, contacting people and talking with a bunch over the last month, it really seems like everyone is just doing their own thing. Not a lot of us are really coming together, working together, forming communities, living together, etc. A lot of Starseeds seem to be alone or feeling alone or in situations they would love to get out of if they had the option to. 

I'm really interested in doing group meditations, group healings, clearing energies together in places that need it, and whatever else we can do together on a regular basis. Anything we can do together through this site, so not sure how we should go about getting organized better, but I want to be a part of it. 

I also contacted and reached out to people that had started Starseed communities/living type places. Most of them seemed like they were already over capacity and seemed like they were still getting a lot of people contacting them. So I know there's a lot that are looking for that and it seems like it's going to be up to us to start some new ones. 

I want to put the idea out there to start by renting a house somewhere, maybe Sedona/Mt. Shasta, but not really tied to any location personally. Could be one of those things where we do start by putting a bunch of us in a house just so our share of rent could be dirt cheap. Trying to work full time slave jobs for a lot of us feels wrong, but most of us could handle a 10-20 hour a week job just to pay rent and take care of our basic needs. 

Another thing we could do is build a website and offer healings and services as a house/community to help pay for rent etc. I can build Wordpress websites and take care of all of those parts. I also freelance on Upwork.com so could always show you how to get a job online too.

I would love to hear your opinions on this and if you are interested in renting a house together in the United States, sometime in the near future (maybe 2-6 months from now), then get in touch with me and we can start chatting as a group and working on it! 

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Hey Vala, 

Well that's the great part of free will hehe, you can do whatever you want to. Do whatever you want to do, whatever feels right, and makes you happy. I'm certainly not saying that it's somehow wrong to be alone and want to have that space. For a lot of us it's very necessary that we do have that time to reflect and know other's aren't around and their energies aren't interfering. 

I think feeling like you need or have to do something a certain way can create illusions for yourself that act like blocks eventually. So personally I'm not allowing myself to feel like I have to be alone, or have to be living in a group with others, or have to be in a certain location or doing certain things to grow. It really just comes down to what I want to do and be a part of now. 

But for me it's also about growing, adapting, and becoming stronger. I'm extremely sensitive to others energy and when I'm out in public pick up on all of that. But for me that means that is something I need to work towards, being able to be around others and out in public without having them effect me in a negative way, while being able to effect them in a positive way. Which can be as simple as smiling at someone. I can't allow myself to hide off alone for the rest of my life because I'm afraid of these things. But that's something I feel I must face, in no way am I saying it is something you must face or any part of your journey hehe. 

Another realization I have had recently is that I am constantly saying how I want to be there for the little guy and the general population of the planet. But how can I do that if I refuse to talk to them, to hang out with them, and get to know them? I feel like focusing on too much on the spiritual side/starseed type side of me, while completely ignoring the fact that I am a human also, is also an issue that I must over come. This is really just another thing I personally feel I must work on and I still have a lot of work to do to get there. I would rather get hit by car than listen to someone talk about sports, politics, religion, or just repeating shit they heard on the news. But I feel there is a balance there that is needed for me, that will also help me stay humble. 

There's also the matter of induction. When you are at a point of vibrating on higher frequencies and that love/light frequency. Doing things like just simply going to the grocery store and being around other people, that energy does spread to others. They pick it up on it and it does effect them in positive ways. The same with negative energy, if someone like us ends up projecting fear and stress and bad shit, you could effect everyone in that grocery store in a negative way and be putting that on them. So it does come down to creating ripples and chain reactions of light, which can be done in many ways on the internet, spiritually, physically going around, in very small ways, or big ways. 

I simply don't want to be alone anymore if I have another option and do want to be around others now, so I'm working on manifesting that with anyone that wants the same thing hehe. 

I was trying to think of the last time I could say I really had fun and couldn't remember. So having a couple people to find things to go out and do to have fun with here and there is something that is going to be really important to me as well. 

I totally understand where're you coming from. I agree with everything. I think I'm on a good path in finding that balance you're talking about. I make sure I find time to have fun with my friends when I feel like it. At the end of the day I'm the happiest when I can just relax by myself, no matter what happened that day :)

I am also up for this 'ubuntu' concept, working together as a community, but as I am currently living down under, sharing a house will not be too convenient though really, physical distance is just an illusion. Also, I believe there is a reason that everyone is spread throughout the globe, mainly to assist in balancing energy in the different regions.

With the healing service, I think it is important to teach those being healed on how to apply it themselves as well as this will lead to self empowerment and they will be able to pass it forward to the next one after. I am really keen to join in those group activities you have listed, how about if we just begin with the group meditation to get the ball rolling? This can be done remotely at our comfort on the same day (perhaps weekends?) every week for an hour or so. Anyone interested?

Hey Earthkeeper, 

Hehe yes agreed! Seems like everyone so far just wants to do the remote thing, so let's get that started! 

I know we will end up having different schedules and time zones, so we will probably need to have some set for different days/times so everyone can get one in a week. 

I will spend some time tonight just redoing the harmonic.earth website so it's really simple with the main thing being a calendar, maybe a chat that everyone can get on when it's time for the meditations too, not sure if we need much more than that hehe. But if you think of something just let me know! I'm open to other ideas for organizing too if you don't think the website thing is a good idea hehe

I was able to just turn the homepage into a calendar/event deal on http://harmonic.earth/ 

When do you guys want to do the first ones? If we can plan a bunch out then that would be great too and I can add them. 

I'm still working on getting a chat thing going on there, but will have that sorted out soon. We can just use the chat when we do the meditations/clearings (although not sure if we really need it). 

I think we should start with a meditation, but I would like to also do some work on the oceans too if anyone is interested. Helping send energy there and clear up the oceans and help with all the radiation hehe

I'd suggest Saturday (US time) which will probably be Sunday here (Australia time) as people usually have more time during the weekends. We could do the first one this weekend or the next, it doesn't matter, but perhaps just start with a small group and grow from there. 

If we could, I would also suggest meditating on the earth as there had been plenty of earthquakes since last year, namely in Ecuador, New Zealand, Papua, Solomon Island, and just today in Fiji. I am quite sensitive to the earth's movements and usually can sense it a few days before the disaster occurred and this will throw me off balance.

Sounds good to me, even if it's just us two I would do it. We gotta start somewhere hehe. Not really even sure we need the website lol. Maybe we should just start a new group on this site? Try that out and see what happens? Call it 2017 Global Meditation Group? 

Yes, I was thinking of creating a group here as well to garner more participants. Global Meditation Group sounds good, but I think you may want to lose the 2017 as that would limit it to only this year. 



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