2017 Faster Manifestations & Time To Come Together & Work Together

Hey Starseeds, 

Already feeling some crazy energy the last couple of days, really feels very positive. This year for us, our manifestations should be a lot faster (in fact the last month I've already noticed a huge difference for me). 

Based on what I could see, contacting people and talking with a bunch over the last month, it really seems like everyone is just doing their own thing. Not a lot of us are really coming together, working together, forming communities, living together, etc. A lot of Starseeds seem to be alone or feeling alone or in situations they would love to get out of if they had the option to. 

I'm really interested in doing group meditations, group healings, clearing energies together in places that need it, and whatever else we can do together on a regular basis. Anything we can do together through this site, so not sure how we should go about getting organized better, but I want to be a part of it. 

I also contacted and reached out to people that had started Starseed communities/living type places. Most of them seemed like they were already over capacity and seemed like they were still getting a lot of people contacting them. So I know there's a lot that are looking for that and it seems like it's going to be up to us to start some new ones. 

I want to put the idea out there to start by renting a house somewhere, maybe Sedona/Mt. Shasta, but not really tied to any location personally. Could be one of those things where we do start by putting a bunch of us in a house just so our share of rent could be dirt cheap. Trying to work full time slave jobs for a lot of us feels wrong, but most of us could handle a 10-20 hour a week job just to pay rent and take care of our basic needs. 

Another thing we could do is build a website and offer healings and services as a house/community to help pay for rent etc. I can build Wordpress websites and take care of all of those parts. I also freelance on Upwork.com so could always show you how to get a job online too.

I would love to hear your opinions on this and if you are interested in renting a house together in the United States, sometime in the near future (maybe 2-6 months from now), then get in touch with me and we can start chatting as a group and working on it! 

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I actually contacted somebody on this site about something similar in the UK. I'm not really a big sociable person and not great at organising things.. but I was thinking alot about arranging group meditation/manifestations. 

I took part in an organised group healing a few months ago, where people all over the world sat down at the same time and sent out healing...the energy was really amazing and quite intense. Experiencing that made me think about how if a group of high vibrational people could do the same...pick a day and time and all sit and meditate with the intention of sending out love and light into the world then maybe it  could make a profound difference. 

Nix I will have a look and let you know in due time. But I'd definately be interested in par taking. 

I find myself really, really sensitive to spiritual people and while I know many of them really have good intentions for some reason a lot of them make me uneasy so I tend to just stick with my own company or work with very few people who I know I'm supposed to be working with. 

But I think as you mentioned that's a very in person thing. And if the point is to work with energy and intention then ego related stuff doesn't have to enter the equation and become distracting. It's definitely something I've been feeling inspired to do, so hopefully some others do too :)

I'm not in US but I have to say this is a wonderful idea and something like this has always been a dream of mine. I'm also not very social person and this would feel like having a family. I wish you luck.

I've always felt guilt by just imagining taking money for spiritual services. It just feels so wrong to me. It should be free. But this idea to cover the rent together with it in the place you heal sounds good.

and yes, you have to get along together since healers can have different motives and spiritual egos might get in their way since they can do energy work on a physical level, but haven't done enough inner work.

Hey Nix, just know, I am always game for coming together and living free before the rest of the world catches up.  I have experienced group meditation and energy work, it is always a powerful experience, full of so much wisdom. 

It is kind of hard to use telepathy with just yourself, others provide the means to start using part of true communication skills lost to humanity a long time ago.  Energy recognition and harmonizing to co-create bonds of unity have also been lost, as has so much more, and even more has never been seen here before.

I understand the desire to create community among equals who can reciprocate and harmonize, and finding a way to eek out a higher existence while stuck in the lower one created for us to experience.  I have been desiring for a long time to live among only higher vibrating, awakened human incarnates, yet that ideal environment has not been found yet, just some that barely make me interested in joining and contributing, and that is not good enough.

I would seriously get on board if the right group of individuals could come together, and create an ideal living community, that could be sustained by the members, without the threat of implosion, centered around harmony and non human ideals; a place devoid of beliefs, toxicity of society and the pollution of technology and industry.  I say, if we can, lets make it happen.  Do you have an outline for how this will be accomplished? 

At this point in my human age, and my awakening, I do not think I could share a house or such close space with others, I require a lot of privacy and quiet.  Some other living options would be ideal and hugely preferable. 

Great post Nix, I like the way you think.  Great input too Lauren, your thoughts are always high vibration.

Vala, I totally agree with you about taking money for spiritual services.  How money and the supported belief of it corrupt the nature of something designed to be forever free.  Knowledge is also included in this.  It should be free, and when it is not, it invalidates it, for me anyways.  My higher self and my star family have both made this a solid ideal to live by, so I take my position on this very seriously and with profound truth.

There are other ways to make money, either though collective human taught skills to contribute to a money making process, or bartering with goods created on site, like food, furniture, crystal jewelry, etc. 

I would not want to live in a closed space with anyone with any kind of ego, that just would not work out for me.  Everyone would have to be in harmony, so equal in spiritual achievement, awakening, and enlightenment; otherwise harmony cannot be achieved.

Just wanted to share I totally get where you are coming from with your post.  Much love.

I'm sorry if this is not fully on the topic, but you all seem to be raising the same issue. Living with somebody. Is it really a bad thing to need to live alone? I don't think so. If it makes you happy, there's no need to judge yourself about it. I know that even if I lived with the purest person in the world, I would still need a lot of time alone. I pick up other's energy so much and I need time for myself to work on myself. I wouldn't be able to give back if I hadn't had that space.


Being alone is in no way a bad thing at all, in my perspective.  Living alone is oftentimes the most peaceful, meaningful way to live and be.  The more enlightened you become, the more difficult it is to have the harmony with another you will ever increasingly desire to have, in all things; and harmony is a requirement the higher you push your vibration.

I would also need that space. :)

I am also up for this 'ubuntu' concept, working together as a community, but as I am currently living down under, sharing a house will not be too convenient though really, physical distance is just an illusion. Also, I believe there is a reason that everyone is spread throughout the globe, mainly to assist in balancing energy in the different regions.

With the healing service, I think it is important to teach those being healed on how to apply it themselves as well as this will lead to self empowerment and they will be able to pass it forward to the next one after. I am really keen to join in those group activities you have listed, how about if we just begin with the group meditation to get the ball rolling? This can be done remotely at our comfort on the same day (perhaps weekends?) every week for an hour or so. Anyone interested?

I totally understand where're you coming from. I agree with everything. I think I'm on a good path in finding that balance you're talking about. I make sure I find time to have fun with my friends when I feel like it. At the end of the day I'm the happiest when I can just relax by myself, no matter what happened that day :)

I'd suggest Saturday (US time) which will probably be Sunday here (Australia time) as people usually have more time during the weekends. We could do the first one this weekend or the next, it doesn't matter, but perhaps just start with a small group and grow from there. 

If we could, I would also suggest meditating on the earth as there had been plenty of earthquakes since last year, namely in Ecuador, New Zealand, Papua, Solomon Island, and just today in Fiji. I am quite sensitive to the earth's movements and usually can sense it a few days before the disaster occurred and this will throw me off balance.

Yes, I was thinking of creating a group here as well to garner more participants. Global Meditation Group sounds good, but I think you may want to lose the 2017 as that would limit it to only this year. 

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