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Does anyone know where these spacecrafts are from?

Stupid question I know haha. But I was wondering if anyone could intuitively pinpoint the origin of these crafts, or if anyone has seen the…

Started by Aishwarya Isabella

7 Feb 19, 2017
Reply by Pretty Angelic Pleidian Babe

Reptoid-Style Ship? (Drawing)

Dreamt of this ship. Some facts I know: I was reptoid in this life, I had a ship that crashed/wrecked, and the ship I was dreaming of (pict…

Started by General

11 Jul 30, 2016
Reply by The Traveler

Last night's dream 2/May/15

Hello all. This is my first post.. I have recently joined and have been wondering how I can contribute to this forum. I have some of the mo…

Started by LevelUp

7 May 6, 2015

Dream... Was that a real experience or just a dream?

Yesterday was a very powerfully and emotional day for me, I met with my intuitive counselor who is helping me along these beginning phases…

Started by l~*A*~l

2 Jan 9, 2015
Reply by l~*A*~l

Starseed/Indigo: New to this!!! Help Please!!!!

Hey guys! I just signed up for this site yesterday and I am loving it so far. It actually makes me feel pretty normal, comfortable with ex…

Started by Jenny Arzola

19 Oct 29, 2014
Reply by Jenny Arzola

Dream/Astral Traveling?

Another dream. But was it a dream? Did I regress from two past lives? Dream interpretation, lay it on me and I'm all over it. But what happ…

Started by Lady Aine Willowfae

1 Dec 7, 2013
Reply by Rende

V-shaped spacecraft?

I have had recurring dreams of seeing v-shaped spacecraft in the (night)sky. they consist of dotted lights arranged - well yeah, in a V-sha…

Started by carolina

0 Dec 28, 2012

Will 20 plus Lightworkers leave the Planet on a Starship for 10 days this Saturday?

I got an email last night telling me about this which was the first id heard of this, anyone else? Here we go again... From what I can gat…

Started by 7E

39 Feb 7, 2012
Reply by 7E

Sonar Pulsing sounds in Universe

While I've had both ears ringing constantly for 4 years now, last night in meditation I heard something else....a pulse, coming from the he…

Started by Annaphoria

3 Oct 2, 2011
Reply by raphiel

Flights Delayed as Huge UFO Hovers over China...

A UFO disrupted air traffic over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou late on Wednesday, the municipal government said on Thursday. Read…

Started by 7E

8 Jul 11, 2010
Reply by 7E



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