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My Conversation with the Arcturian Collective - Part 2

For anybody who would like to read the previous one = Part 1 Me= People say things like "if aliens are real why don't they show themselves…

Started by Engin Yazıcı

2 on Tuesday
Reply by Engin Yazıcı

My Conversation with the Arcturian Collective

I have been literally seeing my spirit guide through my 3rd eye  for a while then i tried channeling. My spirit guide chose herself somethi…

Started by Engin Yazıcı

20 Nov 5
Reply by Engin Yazıcı

Are my guides Pleiadians?

So I get visitations from a male ET and a female ET, and baby ET with no gender specified. They're very tall at 7'0, white pale skin, and l…

Started by IncarnatedAngel1111

7 Jun 15
Reply by John Doe

Something i'd thought i'd share before i went to bed

(my apologies if i'm putting this in the wrong place xD;; ) copied and pasted from a status post i couldn't post cause it was too long (say…

Started by ForestsAndStars

1 Jun 1
Reply by Jagdolj Erminident

Funny Messages From Your Guides?

I find there to be too many depressing, even confrontational, conversations happening on here which make it difficult for me to stay engage…

Started by A

45 Apr 4
Reply by Flower of Life

Searching for clear, true guidance from spirit guides, angels, beings of light...

I recently had it revealed to me that the group of beings that I thought were my guides and of the light were not as they represented thems…

Started by Marc Alex

13 Feb 20
Reply by peace2theworld

"Truth Bumps"

         Whenever you guys are online or come across a piece of information do you get vibrations and goosebumps throughout your body? Some…

Started by Brett

5 Feb 10
Reply by vedette

Free Spirit Guide Channeling CLOSED

FREE READINGS ARE NOW CLOSED! Be present with your heart and ask the questions that are the most troubling to you, the ones that keep…

Started by Ayena Wana

7 Jan 15
Reply by Lunan Pouget

help me to find my pastlife / lives

hello all, my name is Rohith.  i am suffering  a lot now,  almost contemplated attempts to end this life. but ofcourse i donot encourage th…

Started by rohith muni

4 Jan 2
Reply by Ayena Wana

Who's Your Family? :)

I'd love to hear about those of you who have discovered who your star family is. I honestly think we don't get to discuss our soul/spirit f…

Started by Divine

16 Sep 6, 2015
Reply by SilentDream



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"yes but think not of it as in terms of high and low  , because they we easily create…"
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"I love you. i know how you feel if you feel unloved and like no one cares. I care. There are many…"
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The Pleiadian Connection

"I kind of past life recall. Others may have different ones. That's mine."
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The Pleiadian Connection

"I have no idea what that is. There's no capital city in Erra nor any large cities at all. The…"
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