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This entity I captured in a photo

Hello all, I wanted to seek guidance as too what I should be thinking at this point, lol I was outside about three weeks ago and I took a p…

Started by Carter Kangas

16 on Monday
Reply by Carter Kangas

Strange EMF Occurence

Hello all, I recently acquired two apps that record Electro Magnetic Frequency, and all throughout my house the baseline was in the 50's ra…

Started by Carter Kangas

6 Sep 12
Reply by Carter Kangas

Famous Starseeds?

If you know any famous starseeds in history or of today please feel free to list their names and where you believe they originate from. A…

Started by Cody Singh

159 Sep 2
Reply by Commander Randy

We have all met one or two people like this...

Hello All, This post is in relation to my first post, but I want to generate more of a discussion around this and how we as starseeds, indi…

Started by Justine

211 Aug 24
Reply by Rip

Who Are You Quiz (Star Origin)

Question 1: Which gemstone most appeals to your spiritual nature? Amethyst Aquamarine Diamond Lapis lazuli Topaz Other   Question 2: Whic…

Started by Savannah*Nai'Shara

51 Aug 22
Reply by Charlye Emily

Help Wanted: Cosmic Connections

Help Wanted: I am interested in interviewing psychics, mediums, metaphysical paraprofessionals, authors and starseed light workers who are…

Started by Amon Re

0 Jul 8

Sleep Disorders- connection to Starseed?

Hey guys! I don't know much about this topic so I thought I would ask you guys- Can you guys see any connection between star seeds and var…

Started by Stella Matutina

23 Jun 16
Reply by ROCKY

Looking to find others who have been contacted by the Annunaki

I would like to find and connect with any other Starseeds that have been encountered by "The Watchers" better known as the Annunaki. They a…

Started by Architect Of Peace

32 May 11
Reply by Damkina

Anyone Suffer from crippling depression at the moment?

I wonder if there is reason behind depression or anxiety spiritually. Sometimes it's just outta the blue. I made an account last august ye…

Started by Anelim

6 Apr 16
Reply by Alex

Sydney / Australia Starseed Social Meetup group

Hey all :) Just posting a link here (thanks admin) about a new group Sydney Starseed Socials Where Starseeds can connect w…

Started by James Pryde

1 Mar 20
Reply by Miss Koytraz (Lilith)



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Nuno replied to Midrash's discussion Why is there so much shit in the media??
"Dude relax... and if ithat happens to you just turn off your tv."
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Blue kyanite

"Turn up !"
1 hour ago
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Sharry replied to Nick's discussion How to spot a starseed
"I actually found a starseed child(outside my own family) and I know it's said that all…"
1 hour ago
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 play Machinedrum - Center Your Love

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Akanahe' eh yeDyahlaneeEssassani replied to Suzan's discussion The good die young and the evil ones live longer? WHY?
"I honestly agree with what you say, since I am an atheist and know god does not exist.…"
1 hour ago
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peace2theworld replied to Midrash's discussion Why is there so much shit in the media??
"No, Thank you :-) , only my duty to help if I can I want what you want, a world where each being…"
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Jedirealism posted a video
RA Sessions MachineDrum

RA Sessions: Machinedrum - Vizion / Center Your Love / SeeSea

Visit the RA feature page: There are a few aspects of the latest Machinedrum live show that are notoriously ...
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Lorraine replied to Fernando Albert's discussion RUN #4 (*****TEMPORALLY CLOSED*****: APRIL-5th 2016): FREE AKASHIC RECORDS READING (& Free Lucid Dreaming Course) - MUST read guidelines. (Last Revised: 3-29-16)
"In case you are back, I would like to ask a question and give you permission to open my Akashic…"
2 hours ago

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