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Who Are You Quiz (Star Origin)

Question 1: Which gemstone most appeals to your spiritual nature? Amethyst Aquamarine Diamond Lapis lazuli Topaz Other   Question 2: Whic…

Started by Savannah*Nai'Shara

55 Jul 15
Reply by Stargazer

Crazy Ascension Symptoms?

Greetings all, I have a very strange and somewhat concerning situation going on with myself. I was working out yesterday, (as I do everyday…

Started by Carter Kangas

3 Jul 1
Reply by Carter Kangas

Famous Starseeds?

If you know any famous starseeds in history or of today please feel free to list their names and where you believe they originate from. A…

Started by Cody Singh

174 May 27
Reply by Seeker

Hello, new, want starseed idenfication/help/guidance

Past couple weeks I've fund myself constantly exploring new ideas. Started looking at the simulation theory. This was interesting to me bec…

Started by RyanGH

4 May 23
Reply by Jër

Implant Removal Help

Greetings, -> I just have a quick question: Would anybody be willing to help me remove my etheric inhibitor implants? I know I have qui…

Started by Carter Kangas

8 May 10
Reply by Carter Kangas

We have all met one or two people like this...

Hello All, This post is in relation to my first post, but I want to generate more of a discussion around this and how we as starseeds, indi…

Started by Justine

231 Apr 10
Reply by Tanner

Free Starseed Reading

Hi everyone, I would like to offer free readings for the coming week as a first trial to see how it flows for us. I will do one reading pe…

Started by Adayah Suraya

30 Apr 4
Reply by Adayah Suraya

Nibiru Collides With Earth- Vivid Dream

Greetings, I wanted to seek some guidance as to what I am experiencing whilst in the dream state as of late. Last night I had a very vivid…

Started by Carter Kangas

12 Apr 1
Reply by Carter Kangas


Those who have awakened first on Gaia inevitably seem to find their way to questioning the origin of their being, not just as flesh and blo…


0 Mar 30

KanyaShi Intuitive Light Language Chant and Codes (video)

Hi everyone, i would love to share these codes and light language chant with you ! ~* All perspectives are welcome ! Much Love ! KanyaShi…

Started by Tatiana Roumelioti

3 Mar 1
Reply by Tatiana Roumelioti



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