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Starseed Astrological Charts

Hi.  I'm a young and fairly new astrologer wanting to find the patterns within the charts of Starseeds. Would anyone be willing to give me…

Started by Jake Martin

96 3 hours ago
Reply by Kiara

UFO Experience with the Arcturians

I joined about 3 months ago after realizing I probably have starseed origins as it all deeply resonated with me, due to my ma…

Started by Sapphyreopal5

23 Oct 8
Reply by Thunderbird

People with a strong connection to Arcturus? (channellers, mediums, astral projectors etc.)

Hi,  Does anyone on here have a strong connection to Arcturus/Arcturians and is willing (and able to) communicate messages from me to them…

Started by Jake Martin

7 Aug 24
Reply by Sean

Indigo Children, Starseeds & Aura Readings on CNN Anderson Cooper

I stumbled across this video, I was pretty impressed, thought I'd share it :) Big thanks to Ashira Naitaka for the links to these sites…

Started by Brinny Stardust

7 Jun 24
Reply by The Lonely Navigator

Who Are You Quiz (Star Origin)

Question 1: Which gemstone most appeals to your spiritual nature? Amethyst Aquamarine Diamond Lapis lazuli Topaz Other   Question 2: Whic…

Started by Savannah Jackson

40 May 31
Reply by ann

*Sharing Symbolic Language *

I have chosen not to speak about the Symbols i am channeling but any thoughts ,feelings, insights are always welcome and i very much apprec…

Started by Tati Tati

21 May 24

Blueprint designers!!

I was told that nobody really knows where blueprint designers and originators are really from. I have this deep connection and have also be…

Started by Electra

16 May 20
Reply by Light Storm

Famous Starseeds?

If you know any famous starseeds in history or of today please feel free to list their names and where you believe they originate from. A…

Started by Cody Singh

77 May 7
Reply by Zanek

Seeing the Heptagram/7 Pointed Star?????

At one time whilst asleep I dreamt of the 7 pointed star (Heptagram). It flashed before me, in front of my eyes as a slept.  Just before be…

Started by Crystal Simms

1 May 5
Reply by ann

Finding out more and more about myself and my Origins

Recently I can confirm that along with being a Pleiadian Grey hybrid, I am also part Draconian - Dragon. I've seen myself in visions and my…

Started by Crystal Simms

4 May 5
Reply by Crystal Simms



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