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Can someone enlighten me about Reptilian energy?

The things that I've noticed with the Reptilians that I communicate with is that 1) they're very protective (of me) and 2) their energy is…

Started by Carmel Mackenzie

18 Feb 13, 2017
Reply by Musuhi

Reptilian Species?

Is anyone aware how many races of reptilian supposively exist? Or I guess, anything (or one because they're beings)that would be categorize…

Started by Athena Soulchild

5 Jun 15, 2015
Reply by Athena Soulchild

Help Understanding Draconian Reptilian(s)

I need help. I am very confused. I had "Sight" since I was a little kid, but then it was just isolated incidences, now, in my mid-twenties,…

Started by Nichi

4 Mar 11, 2015
Reply by Miss Koytraz (Lilith)

The Real Agenda.

        Talking with a good friend today about a subject made me feel it was time to have another discussion concerning these matters. It i…

Started by ζ Naos سهيل هدار

58 Nov 13, 2014
Reply by Erica Elizabeth

The coming events

Lots of people still wonder about what happened here. Extraterrestrials, Illuminati-NWO, Reptiloids - How does this fit together? There we…

Started by Brahmand Yaatra

1 Aug 31, 2014
Reply by ann

Reptillians & Draconians

Hello Starseeds!This particular question just popped into my mind today which has been the subject of much debate and discussion between me…

Started by Grimm

15 Jul 9, 2014
Reply by Sails

Heartless Annunaki and Reptilian ?

I am recently awaken to an answer by my spiritual self. I am very disturbed by some negative energy being projected on them no matter how l…

Started by ζ Naos سهيل هدار

382 Feb 26, 2014
Reply by Crystal Iris

Reptilian Amphibian Extraterrestrial Lets Dog in My Room

Last Thursday (July 18) a couple days before I went on a week long vacation, something extremely bizarre happened. Sometimes my dog will ju…

Started by Sapphyreopal5

0 Jul 28, 2013

Hello New Child Here Seeking knowledge upon Reptilians

Hello... My name is Deren I am new too all this well forums since I am terrified of them. I am one who believes himself tied to reptilians…

Started by Deren Drake

24 Feb 11, 2012
Reply by Zillah (Mother of Tubal-Caine)

I had the WEIRDEST experiences just the other day...

I just recently worked for a Construction foremen and at the job site on the second day I was getting such NEGATIVE vibes from him. Some of…

Started by

1 Jul 28, 2011
Reply by Ain Light



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