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All my friends are gone

I just wanted to make a post in hopes of figuring out what's going on, is it normal that two of my closest friends that I have had for almo…

Started by Carter Kangas

36 Jun 22
Reply by Carter Kangas

We have all met one or two people like this...

Hello All, This post is in relation to my first post, but I want to generate more of a discussion around this and how we as starseeds, indi…

Started by Justine

231 Apr 10
Reply by Tanner

Can someone enlighten me about Reptilian energy?

The things that I've noticed with the Reptilians that I communicate with is that 1) they're very protective (of me) and 2) their energy is…

Started by Carmel Mackenzie

18 Feb 13
Reply by Musuhi

Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan: Light Language Activation and Chakra Balancing (Video)

Hi everyone! Cody here. I have a channeled light language transmission for you. From various star systems predominantly Pleiades, Andromeda…

Started by Cody Singh

1 Feb 11
Reply by ATHIRA J.S.

Positive Use of Dark Powers.

Let me add a few points to note: I am a draconian starseed and in my last life I had served Lord Ashtar as a member of one of the Royal Fam…

Started by Seraph

11 Dec 31, 2016
Reply by Nix

In need of assistance. Any tips help healing would be appreciated.

I've been having a lot of Fatigue and sleepiness going on lately. when i say fatigue it literally feels as if i can't wake up when i want t…

Started by ♎✨Asharana✨♎

12 Sep 1, 2016
Reply by Awaken To Spirit

Free Healings & Energy Clearing/Pulling

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner. I've learned a new technique and wish to try it out. I will do free energy pulling/clearing for anyone wh…

Started by Samantha S.

65 Jul 8, 2016
Reply by stardots

Massive Energetic Shift 4-10-16 2AM - 5AM EDT - Love and Unity is ALL There Is

Urgent Message for all Starseeds, Lightworkers, Twin Flames, 144K, Healers, Elders, Wisdom Keepers and the Rest...  “A massive energetic sh…

Started by Sherri Bennette

4 Apr 9, 2016
Reply by Sherri Bennette

Whats going on with this weekends energy?

Well, I have a good feeling about it, so I made an energy forecast for it. Take a look :)

Started by Sam

3 Mar 26, 2016
Reply by Lunan Pouget

Tesla's energy transmission technology is being recreated. Global energy transmission. This technology would allow for wireless energy transmission throughout the planet via a network of towers transmitters…

Started by illinar

6 Mar 7, 2016
Reply by illinar



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