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Do Andromedan's know they're Andromedan?

lol I hope I don't sound like I'm on some sort of drug right now because I'm not. Anyhow, I'm using them as an example, this goes for all t…

Started by MorbidCynic

6 Jul 13, 2016
Reply by MorbidCynic

Has anyone seen these aliens?

These are the pictures of what I have drawn, based on what I have seen in my dreams lately. 2nd. Is the baby that I am always being told i…

Started by Rebecca

1 Feb 27, 2016
Reply by Just Me.

Seeing Weird Insects and other beings

Hey guys not sure if the topic is right for what im going to talk about but anyways for the last couple of months whenever i wake up for a…

Started by Robert Jospeh Campbell

21 Jan 20, 2016
Reply by four Lokota

Are Earthlings From Mars? New Tool May Reveal Your Alien Ancestry

It's possible that the family tree of all life on Earth has its roots on Mars — and a new device could put that theory to the test in a few…

Started by Yshatar Anshar El

3 Jan 12, 2016
Reply by Blaise Smith

The Starseed Movement

Dear fellow Starlights, I bring a special request and project to you all: The Starseed Movement! Bringing those in need directly in touch…

Started by Yshatar Anshar El

15 Dec 31, 2015
Reply by Horus Bey Sage

Entity influence or SP Hallucination?

Hey guys. So I just pulled myself out of the bed after 6 hours of "not sleeping. Why not sleeping? Because every-time I would cross over an…

Started by Archy Mor

22 Sep 4, 2015

Alien or Ghost?

I've always been open to the paranormal, and have had numerous experiences. Until 8 weeks ago, I didnt really entertain the idea that alien…

Started by Athena Soulchild

24 Jun 17, 2015
Reply by powessy

Just doing some Data Management homework when I found this...

Nice to see people becoming more conscious, I guess? (Although I don't trust people who claim to work for the Galactic Federation of Light)…

Started by Jake Martin

8 Mar 26, 2015
Reply by Isabella

Ancient Aliens - Where Do You Stand?

I am an avid fan of the History Channel's series Ancient Aliens. I don't always agree with all their evidence, but it has introduced me to…

Started by Ancient One

26 Jan 24, 2015
Reply by Amarie P

Soul Parents???

 I read on a website that before we were "born" on to earth that we lived as E.T's on our Planet of Origin in my case Sirius, and we had pa…

Started by May Allen

3 Dec 20, 2014
Reply by Mulciber



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