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"I have a lifetime of experience with plants. Based on my personal observations, plants do seem to be conscious to some degree. Plants seem…

Started by Earth Day in Uncategorized

0 on Saturday

Can astral projection make you time travel?

Do you think that it could be possible for astral projection to make you time travel? I was just wondering because once, I have had a very…

Started by Jordan in Uncategorized

5 on Saturday
Reply by Earth Day

Greetings Everyone

I stumbled on to this site by accident while searching for support groups for some of the issues I have encountered in the last few years.…

Started by Archer in Meet & Greet

6 yesterday
Reply by Archer

Haiku's with acronyms

The basis is to make a Haiku and have each word represent a letter in a phrase. You may continue as long as you wish and make it into a sto…

Started by Joseph in Art, Poetry And Story

1 on Saturday
Reply by Ashanna El Iriel

NASA claims there are 13 signs of the zodiac- new sign is called Ophiuchus

According to NASA, there is no longer 12 signs of the zodiac but 13. If you are born between November 29 and December 17, your new sign is…

Started by Whitelight in Uncategorized

7 10 hours ago
Reply by peace2theworld


Hey I'm ash My sister told me about this website when she 'came out' to me as a starseed (still learning about it tbh, she didnt tell me he…

Started by Ash in Meet & Greet

1 on Friday
Reply by Setesh

What does home mean to you, starseed?

What kind of starseed are you? A form of starseed is when a extraterrestrial being projects it's conciousness into another living form, a…

Started by Whitelight in Uncategorized

4 10 hours ago
Reply by Nix

Asking Starseeds & Terrans to help a Starseed that is in need of your guidence and advice...

Just recently I was reunited with my long lost soulmate cosmic friend that is a "super soldier" in the secret space program. He is age 40 (…

Started by Joshua in Uncategorized

10 on Saturday
Reply by Joshua

Hello this is my first day here

Hi everyone I will be posting my own truth and I hope it resonates with yours. I hope I can teach you something, and learn from you. We c…

Started by Whitelight in Uncategorized

4 on Friday
Reply by vala

New to Starseed Concept- have questions

Hi everyone! I just joined this site and I have known about the starseed idea for a year and since I learned about it I knew it applied to…

Started by Eevie in Starseed Talk

2 10 hours ago
Reply by Nix



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