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Messages From The Angels - Flip Your Complaints - Lose Your Limits ! By Ann Albers ... And ... Soul Transitions By Nancy Leilah Ward ... And ... Healing Ancient Soul Wounds By Nora Yolles-Young

Ann Albers: Being open to the adventure of life on a recent hike led to this glorious view!   Good things often come in threes these…

Started by Steve Hutchinson in Uncategorized

0 on Monday

Empathic Decay

How far I’ve strayed trying to blend in with reality, become part of something greater than myself. I find I am mixed in the mortar holding…

Started by Crux in Art, Poetry And Story

1 on Monday
Reply by Ἆђɭąɱ ኔጡ።

Sometimes, we project in ways unfamiliar to our conscious perceptive range and filter.

Ever since I was a little kid, I always thought looking at someone upside down gave them another face, almost to a disturbing degree of…

Started by Arcturian Wolf aka Scott in Off Topic Lounge

4 on Monday
Reply by Phoenix Starhorns

The Narrow Path Between Two Trees

I walk the narrow path between two trees, and where the water flows up right to my knees, the floating blossoms shower down on my face, and…

Started by 光LightSoul光 in Art, Poetry And Story

0 on Sunday

The Purpose and Service of Creation By Natalie Glasson

The Purpose and Service of Creation by Goddess Grace Channelled through Natalie Glasson   Blessings of divine grace I bring to you now f…

Started by Steve Hutchinson in Uncategorized

0 on Sunday

String theory philosophy

String theory philosophy: If all I am is a wave, then  there is likely a wave in exact same state as myself A clone of me :) Maybe in anoth…

Started by peace2theworld in Uncategorized

0 on Sunday

i need to talk to someone

I don't know how to say it or get my message across I just have to be straight forward I usually never ask for help because reason being so…

Started by 光LightSoul光 in Uncategorized

21 yesterday
Reply by Miss Koytraz (Lilith)

Barrier/Protections & Clearing Negative Energy/Emotions Techniques

Hey Starseeds,  I wanted to start a discussion where those who feel comfortable can share their barrier/protection techniques. And also sha…

Started by Nix in Precaution & Protection

3 on Saturday
Reply by Nix

Indonesian's starseed or Indonesian's that experience awakening?

Hi, I wonder if there are someone from Indonesia here? Love to talk to you guys because..well, hoping I could find real friends here becaus…

Started by Amara Black in Uncategorized

3 yesterday
Reply by adeomus

Shiva goraksha babaji-incarnation of lord Shiva

Guru Gorakshanath (also known as Gorakhnath; estimated c. early 11th century) was an influential founder of the Nath Hindu monastic movemen…

Started by Surya in Uncategorized

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Health and healing readings

HelloHealth and healing readings channeling archangel raphael. Specific about physical. health.This…See More
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"I have had some experiences like this before integrating, and the best advice I could give would be…"
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"PS - when i was younger i would start to astral project but scare myself and either have sleep…"
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