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Down down beneathe the waters sank.... For faltering voices hath sung.... The song for a wicked, wicked land.... O'… Aetlantium, art th…

Started by Daecaunt in The Archives

0 Jul 16, 2009

Im totally lost and out of time, luck and everything else.

So here I am stuck in this small town in southern France, not knowing why I came here, but I came none the less, at great financial cost an…

Started by DRACO in The Archives

22 Sep 2, 2009
Reply by Aegeus

Lemurian Dream

I felt overwhelmed by some kind of energy surrounding me unaware i knew i was not here,the 2 portals had opened in my conscious mind very v…

Started by Semyjiah Blue Diamond in The Archives

3 Jul 26, 2009
Reply by okami762

OMG!!!!!! I just had to share this with someone

I was out on my front porch enjoying the clear night,and I noticed a reddish-white orb like object in the sky.I have been watching the sky…

Started by Ysheea in The Archives

11 Aug 1, 2009
Reply by Watchtower

Please, could some psychic help me?

Hi brothers and sisters... Is there any psychic here who can tell me if i am a starseed or not? I feel that i am one but need help to know…

Started by Samut-RA (cleyton) in The Archives

4 Jul 14, 2009
Reply by Samut-RA (cleyton)

I seem to have a problem sometimes with processing information

I try to read all I can about UFO's,Extraterrestrials,Starseeds(and other lightworkers),Astronomy,and anything to do with space.But I notic…

Started by Ysheea in The Archives

1 Jul 15, 2009
Reply by Ysheea

Planet in Acturian/Appollonian star system?

So I meditated today for the first time in FOREVER, and I communicated with my guide about my starseed origins. She told me that I was fro…

Started by ☽Kάtiε ☆ Äƙαȿïα☾ in The Archives

5 Jul 13, 2009
Reply by Ally Weiss

Reptilian Beings Get a Bad Rap!

There seems to be a mistaken belief among many who believe in ETs that reptilian looking beings are evil. While it may be true that there a…

Started by Jackie in The Archives

3 Jul 12, 2009
Reply by Ysheea

Soul Origins

Hey I was just wondering if anybody out there had any information on Venusians (Venus and it's people in general) As a starseed I feel stra…

Started by Connor Tait in The Archives

2 Jul 10, 2009
Reply by Ally Weiss

Did anyone watch Michael Jackson's memorial service?

I just wanted to make a comment on his daughter.....she has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.She's a beautiful little girl,but THOSE…

Started by Ysheea in The Archives

13 Aug 22, 2009
Reply by Shira



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