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Giant halo cloud spotted in Moscow.

This was spotted in the sky's of Moscow just last week. I believe there is a lot of meaning behind this stunning cloud. What do you guys…

Started by AJ in The Archives

0 Oct 14, 2009

Strange cloud formation over Moscow

I just saw the video of a weird cloud formation over Moscow on YouTube,and it's REALLY weird.....I know the meteorologists say that it's a…

Started by Ysheea in The Archives

0 Oct 13, 2009

Full disclosure by the end of the year?????

I saw a video about this guy named David Wilcock who's saying that he's sure there will be a full disclosure announcement before the end of…

Started by Ysheea in The Archives

4 Oct 14, 2009
Reply by Ysheea

Who am I

I belive I am a clone,sounds strange.Yes it does! About 7 years ago,I started to wander who I was,since that time I have reviewing my life…

Started by James in The Archives

1 Oct 12, 2009
Reply by Aeon Phlo, Soveriegn

Why would anyone want to Blow up Grand Mother Moon!!!!!

These Dam Idiots send a small exposive to The Moon too see if she has Water in her!!! WHAT are they thinking!?!?!?! One of the most beautif…

Started by Kiote in The Archives

31 Jan 30, 2010
Reply by Yshatar Anshar El

Bad Feeling..

Hello everyone, My name is Gen, and this is my first time posting but I've been on the site for a few weeks/months now. I'm really happy I…

Started by Gen in The Archives

5 Oct 16, 2009
Reply by Gen


Hello everyone, I need your opinion and please be honest with me. I am a senior in college and may go on aderol my last semester to comple…

Started by Obi1 in The Archives

6 Nov 7, 2009
Reply by 7E

They blasted the moon this morning...

It made me cry when I heard what NASA was planning to do....crash a rocket into the moon.I hope that the E.T's living on the moon were not…

Started by Ysheea in The Archives

14 Oct 13, 2009
Reply by A.T.

Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize..any thoughts on this?

I personally was very happy to hear this news this morning...I think he is deserving of this award,because he has done alot in his short ti…

Started by Ysheea in The Archives

13 Oct 17, 2009
Reply by Ysheea

Starseeds and earth families

Hi everyone, im interested to know what are relationships are now like with our earth families, by this i mean the people with whom we mani…

Started by Gareth Tanner in The Archives

2 Oct 8, 2009
Reply by Gareth Tanner



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