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why hello there.

my name is maggie. i'm hoping that i'm in the right place, and just browsing a bit through the site it seems that i may be. ever since i wa…

Started by mehgan elizabeth in Meet & Greet

4 Oct 19, 2010
Reply by Romy

Need help with turning loose of devout Catholic upbringing

I often work with those who are newly waking up.  But I am faced with a new challenge and am looking for your input.    My friend is very o…

Started by Janet Howell in Starseed Talk

49 Nov 10, 2010

Merry Meet!

Hello all,   I'm Dusty, and like Matt, I can appreciate a hearty introduction ;)   I tend to spit things out in fragments...I've been ADHD…

Started by Dusty Rogers in Meet & Greet

4 Oct 31, 2010
Reply by Jasmine-Pheobe Taylor

Share your story!

www.consciousness-rising.com is calling for peoples SOUL STORIES to share with all as a means to empower yourself and others.

Started by Whitefeather in Your Experiences

0 Oct 15, 2010

Check out this information about the changes coming in 2012

I have read a lot of websites trying to put together the theories of what may be coming in 2012 and this one seems to have the best informa…

Started by Janet Howell in 2012 & Prophecy

8 Oct 18, 2010
Reply by Nuni

CT of my spine- strange holes?

I'm not sure why I ask it here... but even my doctor didn't know what it was about! It seemed strange to me- the dots seem almost perfec…

Started by Corynder in Starseed Talk

7 Oct 16, 2010
Reply by Arisingmoon

Is 4th Dimension Creative Energy Leaving Us Now?

This time has been particularly painful for me to witness and I think it is because I did not anticipate the feeling of draining of life en…

Started by Kalananay in Starseed Talk

1 Oct 14, 2010
Reply by Matthew Christopher Avina

What did I see?

Hi all!Almost a year ago I had my first controlled and fully aware out of body experience, it was a short trip and quite wierd. I was float…

Started by katarina in Starseed Symbols

0 Oct 14, 2010

Seeing triangles

Maybe this will help me figure out who I am...I have Guides who give me downloads of triangles. Triangles go through me and I travel throug…

Started by Ronni Ann in Starseed Talk

6 Oct 31, 2010
Reply by ☧JèrèmîØ

UFO's over NYC?

Has anyone heard about this? Apparently it was in the news today. Several UFO's above Chelsea....Hmmmm. Not sure what I think about this on…

Started by Selinde L'hoshdar in Conspiracy & Politics

9 Oct 15, 2010
Reply by J.E.M



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