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These "Strawman" money scams and schemes.

Feel the need to inform users on this board about this current reinvented scheme. Since anti establishment is a common theme here I realize…

Started by Joseph in Uncategorized

2 23 hours ago
Reply by Nexis Nemesis

Gifted or cursed

I often think that psychic gifts such as of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairscent, Clairtangency, Clairempathy, and Chann…

Started by Eeta in Starseed Talk

8 yesterday
Reply by Lightning Rod

Incarnated Angel: Seeking Advice

I recently discovered I am an incarnated angel. I have known I was an angel for basically my entire life. I just haven't taken the time to…

Started by Zoey H. in Help Wanted

9 yesterday
Reply by Jelly

‘I won't spend the rest of my life as just the girlfriend’: Women who are desperate for a proposal confess to feeling 'insane', jealous and depressed

『While the vast majority of women are happy to let their relationships develop at their own pace - there are apparently quite a few who fee…

Started by John Bernstein in Uncategorized

2 23 hours ago
Reply by Nexis Nemesis


Hallo All someone which practices conscious sleep and dreaming? It happened to me a few times... Recently, after asking my Cosmic Family to…

Started by Petunia NightSky in The Astral World

7 23 hours ago
Reply by Nexis Nemesis

Free 3-card tarot reading - CLOSED

As my soul had been saved through some free readings offered in this community, I've always been wanting to offer the same to help others t…

Started by wind master in Spiritual Services

13 yesterday
Reply by wind master

Persistent Crown Chakra Activity

Good day/evening everyone, So ever since the Visitors arrived that night almost two years ago I have had near continuous energetic activity…

Started by The Traveler in Uncategorized

0 on Friday

Greetings from a Grey

Warmest greetings, everyone. You may call me Belvedere, or even Bel if you'd like something shorter. I'm a 27 year old physics student from…

Started by Belvedere in Meet & Greet

11 on Friday
Reply by Belvedere

Always been awake

Hi everyone, I hope everyone's doing well. I've been thinking some, and as I observe more and more people awakening, I start to wonder. I n…

Started by Tala Wolfe in Starseed Talk

3 on Friday
Reply by Eta Huinya

Creative Blocks

Lately, I haven't been able to produce anything. I don't know what's really up. Usually I'm prolific. Does anyone have any homemade remedie…

Started by Krish in Uncategorized

5 on Saturday
Reply by Krish



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