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How to read a Astrology Natal Chart - Lesson 1

It begins with two circles, each divided into 12 slices. The first circle is the zodiac wheel. The 12 slices represent the 12 signs of t…

Started by Avery Lost in UncategorizedLatest Reply

The blue star

You eye in the sky seer of the all Judge of the blind, all knowing and all encompassing. Sirius star of wisdom, bringer of balance guide o…

Started by Anki in Art, Poetry And StoryLatest Reply

Riding the cosmic waves

The cosmic wave is spinning in my mind again What is this tornado in my mind, is it me or is it you? Is it the emotional barrier broken dow…

Started by Anki in Art, Poetry And StoryLatest Reply

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Nurturing the Goodness within.

Many a philosophical debate arrives at the bottom line - are we naturally the way we are or is it nurtured? Are we all pure in heart, but b…

Started by BK Avinash in Spiritual Services

0 2 hours ago

A Long Sounding Aum From The Past Into The Future And Now. Alpha Omega Aum :D

world peace I am now a 9th dimensional being :D and i spoke to god himself, he spoke about creation days and his angels message me anyo…

Started by peace2theworld in Uncategorized

1 6 hours ago
Reply by Jace

Messages from Judy Satori & AA Gabriel Through Shanta Gabriel: "Loving Others in Their Own Chosen Path" and "April’s Escalator to New Life By Shanta Gabriel"

Loving Others in Their Own Chosen Path By Shanta Gabriel We are drawing on the compassionate and timele…

Started by Steve Hutchinson in Uncategorized

3 10 hours ago
Reply by Steve Hutchinson

Something important or just a chance friendship? (Video Related) So,I happened to meet a person online about 3 weeks to a month ago, I'd say. It was an entirel…

Started by Ted87552 in Help Wanted

1 10 hours ago
Reply by 4Locota

Comparing norse and hebrew

I searched for some compareisons between norse and hebrew mythology and found out, that the ancient hebrew has similar characters to the no…

Started by Midrash in Uncategorized

2 2 hours ago
Reply by Orion_Archer


Why do we find it hard to be at peace with ourselves, each other and the world? Imagine a lake that is flat and calm and pure - it is so cl…

Started by BK Avinash in Your Experiences

7 2 hours ago
Reply by AOD

Seeing the light and other questions I seek answers for.

It has almost been two years now since I've witnessed my first paranormal experience. It all began with dreams, as a kid I used to change s…

Started by Karhursa in Starseed Talk

9 8 minutes ago
Reply by Karhursa

Not All Light Is Good

Started by Empress Beyond Infinity in Lifestyle & Culture

24 4 hours ago
Reply by Dejan

Are flying dreams an "ego thing"?

Are flying dreams an ego thing? I've had flying dreams in my sleep all my life, not every night but very frequently. As a child, they would…

Started by Cameron L Brockel in Uncategorized

12 4 hours ago
Reply by Dejan

Breaking the Mirror Concept... And ... Peace Is Seeing Perfection By Ann Albers ... And ... Navigating Your Embodiment By Ailia Mira

Breaking the Mirror Concept By Jenny Schlitz article by: Jenny at: 20th Apr 2017  We are deep in timeline collapses, personally and…

Started by Steve Hutchinson in Uncategorized

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