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How to read a Astrology Natal Chart - Lesson 1

It begins with two circles, each divided into 12 slices. The first circle is the zodiac wheel. The 12 slices represent the 12 signs of t…

Started by Avery Lost in UncategorizedLatest Reply

The blue star

You eye in the sky seer of the all Judge of the blind, all knowing and all encompassing. Sirius star of wisdom, bringer of balance guide o…

Started by Noname in Art, Poetry And StoryLatest Reply

Cosmic waves

The cosmic wave is spinning in my mind again What is this tornado in my mind, is it me or is it you? Is it the emotional barrier broken dow…

Started by Noname in Art, Poetry And StoryLatest Reply

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Spirit animal reading

Hey I wanted to do some spirit animal readings again. If you feel connected to working with spirit animals I want to help you connect to…

Started by Joy in Uncategorized

125 19 hours ago
Reply by Petunia NightSky

Tribute to Chester Benington

Hey all As you might have heard, Chester Benington from Linkin Park commited suicide this week. Linkin Park's music has always been there t…

Started by Kaedyr in Uncategorized

5 20 hours ago
Reply by Noname

A Dream, A Contract

Nearly ten years ago I had a remarkably vivid dream that has stuck with me like no other. I've become more and more of the belief that it w…

Started by Belvedere in The Astral World

15 14 hours ago
Reply by Belvedere

Taking The Initiative?

How do you feel about taking the initiative? 1. To focus. To dream. To make something a reality from vision, from heart. 2. To send. To rec…

Started by Nexis Nemesis in Uncategorized

3 13 hours ago
Reply by Space Snail

Waves of Depression

Being an Empath sometimes can be so difficult.  I felt so good yesterday.. and now today..  I am hit with a wave of depression.  I dont lik…

Started by Rebecca in Uncategorized

14 2 hours ago
Reply by Deirdre

Prepare To Ride The Tsunami Of Light

Greetings, as always from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.(KayRy) The information expressed here is that of my perspect…

Started by Liam in Uncategorized

1 2 hours ago
Reply by Atylmo

The Persecution of Reptilians II

Dear starseeds,I know that some if not many of you are frustrated about the ongoing discrimination against reptilian-hybrids and against hy…

Started by Kristina Descends in Uncategorized

58 Jul 2
Reply by Turquoise Water

Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian

I am offering a free spiritual service from a Sirian perspective. This includes knowledge from the hall of records that has been passed dow…

Started by sothis73 in Spiritual Services

1057 yesterday
Reply by Fiske

Spiritual people are so clever that ignored this biggest mistake!

Things that are wrong in New-age concepts Higher energy = good, lower energy = bad Higher energy doesn't mean more information stored withi…

Started by Jelly in Uncategorized

56 Jul 15
Reply by John Bernstein

Spiritual Music To Nuture Divine Feminine Energy

Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy. This music promotes attunement with Divine Feminine Energy, the Energy of Mother God. Spir…

Started by Amenti in Uncategorized

1 yesterday
Reply by Amenti


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