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Anyone experience cobweb sensation on face? Im not really liking all

So Ive been having a cobweb sensation on my face in quite a few places for the past few months EVERY DAY a lot. I dont know what to do. Its…

Started by Denny First in Paranormal Mysteries

25 17 hours ago
Reply by Denny First

Exactly What are Dimensions?

"First of all, dimensions are not places or locations; they're levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate.There exist numerous…

Started by Earth Day in Uncategorized

3 18 hours ago
Reply by Whitelight

I received a distrubing soul reading

Hi everyone. One man looked into my aura and said pretty bad things about it. That my first chakra is not active and that the soul of some…

Started by vala in Healing Requests

28 21 hours ago
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If you are being targeted & tortured on Earth, keep patience, your contribution is appreciated. Thanks.

There is a purpose if you are being targeted and tortured on Earth and it applies to everyone else too who is riding the same boat. You are…

Started by ROCKY ~ THE ~ WARRIOR in Starseed Talk

0 21 hours ago

Hello from the Titan worlds

I suppose it's time I introduce myself. You can call me Ton. Starseed, empath, general non-native. Most of what I know is intuitive, though…

Started by Neema Ton in Meet & Greet

6 yesterday
Reply by vala


Greetings everyone. I will go by Ke 'ano here. I live in the Appalachian Mountains, with my wife. As far as my identity. This is something…

Started by Ke 'ano in Meet & Greet

3 yesterday
Reply by vala

Anyone else have an issue with being hypersensitive?

Just wondering if anyone else on here is like me in the fact that they react badly to harsh words or sometimes even just blunt words and ev…

Started by Kaigera Winters in Starseed Talk

70 yesterday
Reply by Laura

The Law Of Vibration

It has been said that in order for you to get what you want you have to vibrate to it. How does this vibration work? In order to vibrate to…

Started by Earth Day in Uncategorized

1 yesterday
Reply by Krista Schedler

The 'Light & Darkness in unison' BS.

Transcending the consciousness of even ‘just’ this galaxy apparently isn’t easy. But it gets easier from there.. :-) ..What you discover? I…

Started by Mr. Universe in Space & Beyond

57 yesterday
Reply by Ke 'ano

Who or what is watching/following me?

I am always feeling watched and followed by some beings.. I don't know who or what it is but I have been wanting to know who or what it was…

Started by ☽ Kirius ☾ in Starseed Talk

44 yesterday
Reply by Joseph



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