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How can I find out where I come from?

Hello All!   I come with a question that I feel I need the answer to. I feel like my mission will be easier to remember if I first remember…

Started by Holly-Marie Timmons in Starseed Talk

5 Jul 4, 2010
Reply by Shari Blake

Something Different in the Air today (7-1-10)

Wow, anyone noticing a difference in the Energies in the Air today?  Usually when I say "air" I am not really talking about the literal air…

Started by Vaipxi in Starseed Talk

13 Jul 3, 2010
Reply by Nicki Coco

Sudden surges of energy.

Major surges of energy that I start to feel in my lower stomach, and explode into my whole body and out, or swirls back, in a span of 3-5 s…

Started by Marianne Yuns in Your Experiences

3 Jul 3, 2010
Reply by Holly-Marie Timmons

Does anyone notice Planetary and weather changes?

Last night I seen the moon a little closer and on the opposite side  at the same time I saw it the night before. I also noticed that day th…

Started by in Conspiracy & Politics

1 Jul 3, 2010
Reply by nova_spirit

One of the coolest thing I've ever seen!

On Jan 12th 2010 on the way home from a hockey game, I decided to take the back way home, witch is the longest way home, but for some reaso…

Started by Rob in Your Experiences

2 Jul 2, 2010
Reply by Aeizwyn Xaynquis

Be Yourself!

Be yourself! Please don't be afraid to shine. Dance, sing, live, play, compliment others, share love. It purifies the ETHERS of this planet…

Started by Acyutãnanda in Conspiracy & Politics

3 Jul 2, 2010
Reply by ☽Kάtiε ☆ Äƙαȿïα☾

In need of a very Powerful Meditation

After many years of research I have come to find that the reason why my natal chart is wrong- why I have the wrong vibrational frequencies…

Started by Maia Nicole Beaver in Healing Requests

2 Jul 1, 2010
Reply by Maia Nicole Beaver

Some extremely relaxing music to share

I just downloaded a song by an artist and I became so relaxed by his music,that I'm still feeling so very relaxed.His name is Shajan and th…

Started by Ysheea in Starseed Talk

5 Jul 1, 2010
Reply by Ysheea

The Year of the Earthquakes

Last Night at 2:22am Southern Mexico a 6.2 major earthquake struck Mexico City sending people fleeing into the streets.  http://www.msnbc.m

Started by nova_spirit in Nature/Mother Earth

11 Jul 1, 2010
Reply by TMS

The Ringing of the Bells

Hey everyone, just want to let you know that something odd has been going on lately. I think my unconcious or spiritual self is starting to…

Started by Charles Miller in Your Experiences

1 Jul 1, 2010
Reply by ☽Kάtiε ☆ Äƙαȿïα☾



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Mark Fragola replied to Aer Stargazer's discussion September 23rd
"There is an astrological alignment happening on the 23rd. One that almost never happens."
6 minutes ago
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Iulia replied to Jelly's discussion Looking for friend that like TedTalks and no spiritual b.s.
"JP Sears has a fun TED Talk. :)"
1 hour ago
Iulia replied to Mark Fragola's discussion Starseed community and support
"Look on places like for like-minded groups, or create one yourself in your area. :)…"
1 hour ago
Dean replied to Jer ✌'s discussion What happened to humanity? ☣☣☣
"The original SIN is the idea that man can exist as a separate from everything else..this happened…"
1 hour ago
Dean loved ☙ḲḭḲḭ❧'s video
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Karhursa replied to AspenRain's discussion UPDATED Starseed Markings and Birth Chart
"Thanks for the reading! :)"
2 hours ago
Jamie E Tyler replied to Aer Stargazer's discussion September 23rd
"He's Japanese."
2 hours ago
Jamie E Tyler replied to Aer Stargazer's discussion September 23rd
"NUmerologically it is just a number representing is the other side of death to…"
2 hours ago
Johanneke posted a status
"without make-up I even look like an alien :p #andromedan"
2 hours ago
Johanneke replied to AspenRain's discussion UPDATED Starseed Markings and Birth Chart
"Thank you so much! I am currently remembering I was told this is my only incarnation here on earth…"
2 hours ago

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