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Race - Social Construct or Inconvenient Truth?

The purpose of this thread is to allow a receptive space where this topic can be thoughtfully considered in a community setting. Given this…

Started by John Bernstein in Uncategorized

4 5 hours ago
Reply by Krish

One free question reading

Hey Seems like the reply system has changed and some of my past threads are all messed up. Sorry if you asked for a reading and didn't get…

Started by Joy in Spiritual Services

60 5 hours ago
Reply by firenze

How do you remember past or future lives?

Does anyone here have experience remembering past and future lives? I believe I have seen some of them during dreams and astral travel. I u…

Started by Mary in Uncategorized

0 6 hours ago

How does someone discover their higher purpose?

I doubt its got to do with what you happen to be good at.

Started by Absent Mind in Starseed Talk

8 6 hours ago
Reply by Mary

Those of you who played kingdom hearts, do you believe there was a lot of underlying or or obvious ascension energies about it?

Over the whole concept of the game, the characters, their actions and their memories whether fake or real or really existed or not, but the…

Started by Mic Tool in Uncategorized

3 11 hours ago
Reply by Krish

Accessing the Power of the Universe of the Creator By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Become Your Authentic Self By Shelly Dressel

  Accessing the Power of the Universe of the Creator by Master El Morya Channeled through Natalie Glasson - Greetings wis…

Started by Steve Hutchinson in Uncategorized

0 14 hours ago

Witch tongue

It's been 6 months and im still being harassed by a witch. She continues to dream walk in my dreams. It's really ridiculous how long she's…

Started by Ireland Moon in Uncategorized

11 15 hours ago
Reply by Torin Richelle

What to do when you are sabotaged by the dark?

Hi dear ones, I am on my second awakening process and I faced some "demons" the past 3 months. For example, the other day I had a really…

Started by Star Light in Starseed Talk

3 22 hours ago
Reply by Lightning Rod

A spirit is trying to harass me, please send some good vibes <3

A few days ago, about a week or so after a massive awakening, a spirit has been trying to lower my vibration and hinder my progress. He tou…

Started by Aishwarya Isabella in Uncategorized

25 yesterday
Reply by Aishwarya Isabella

2017 Great American Solar Eclipse

On August 21, a solar eclipse will grace the entire continental United States. I have quite a lot of feelings about it. I'm very excited, b…

Started by LightningLoveSong in Uncategorized

3 yesterday
Reply by Iulia


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