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Health and healing readings

Hello Health and healing readings channeling archangel raphael. Specific about physical. health. This should be fun. If you want a readi…

Started by Joy

194 Mar 14
Reply by Karhursa

Tarot reading free

Hey Offering free tarot readings With Gaia oracle cards Ask one question, not to complex. Shanti Joy

Started by Joy

213 Mar 14
Reply by Tanner Lane

Free day reading cards in connection with mermaid .

I will use a special energy for connect you to the mermaid world and help you to develop your potential . The element is the water and i wi…

Started by Calissa Rusakova

22 Mar 13
Reply by Calissa Rusakova

Free readings and healing

Hi guys, been a while since I've been here, I missed this place  :) anyho I will be offering 5 free readings and 3 healings per week, Feel…

Started by △Brian△

81 Mar 12
Reply by Madelaine Vasquez

How Can I Find More Past Self Memories and Information?

Everyday I learned more about my true self, like my soul origins and purpose, but how do I find out more deeper information? Like some of m…

Started by Allith

7 Mar 12
Reply by peace2theworld

Astrological soul origins reading

Hi there! I would like to share my knowledge about clues in soul origins using asteroids and planets for you all, for those whom are intere…

Started by Érica Gomes

122 Mar 6
Reply by Lyræliza

additional guidance

Greetings Everyone, its been awhile since i last posted something here so i thought i 'd make it up with this idea. I already thought of…

Started by Jay Vincent Ahih Jaihi Fesaha

43 Mar 3
Reply by Amanda

free energy readings

Hi all,  I'm trying to get back into my personal practices so: I'm offering free energy readings which would include a full analysis of you…

Started by venbe

161 Feb 21
Reply by Dazzling Diamond

Any starseed healers or mediums that could possibly help a fellow pregnant starseed whos having a bad time

Hi all, I am 6 weeks pregnant which is wonderful however I have been having the worst sleep insomnia which seems to be getting worse.i'm lu…

Started by lottiex

3 Feb 11
Reply by peace2theworld

I'll write you a starseed song

I'll write you a starseed song  for 50.00 just go to my profile on soundbetter here is the link https://soundbetter.com/profiles/28463-pau

Started by arun

0 Feb 4



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