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additional guidance

Greetings Everyone, its been awhile since i last posted something here so i thought i 'd make it up with this idea. I already thought of…

Started by Jay Vincent Ahih Jaihi FesahaLatest Reply

earth repair

so many people I speak with refer to our life as something g that will inevitably happen . What so many fail to acknowledge is that we as h…

Started by roman cavazosLatest Reply

The importance of grounding/shielding/protection

This topic has come up quite frequently for me. Many friends, family and even members on this site have had questions or issues, so I figur…

Started by ✮Wind✮Latest Reply

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Aura/Chakra/Intuitive Healings

Hello :) Over the next couple of weeks I will be looking to give some free healings for practice. Also I'm looking to practice my formats f…

Started by Nix

18 1 hour ago
Reply by earthkeeper

RUN #4 (APRIL-5th 2016): FREE AKASHIC RECORDS READING (& Free Meditation) - MUST read guidelines. (Last Revised: 3-29-16)

Hello my dear Starseeds! It has been over three years with this thread, it is amazing how time flies!!!!  I just launched my Udemy Lucid Dr…

Started by Fernando Albert

1852 2 hours ago
Reply by Fernando Albert

Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian

I am offering a free spiritual service from a Sirian perspective. This includes knowledge from the hall of records that has been passed dow…

Started by sothis73

656 7 hours ago
Reply by Little Nova

Free Fixed Star Astrology Natal Chart & Report:

Hello everyone! I am offering free Fixed Star natal charts and reports for whomever would like them. I tend to focus on the darker aspects…

Started by Douglas Keith McNeese

58 12 hours ago
Reply by RjoyD

Free Energy Readings and Healings

Hello All, Up for offering is a free energy reading and healing. Leave me a question here on this post and my 5th Dimensional higher self w…

Started by Quantum Light

119 yesterday
Reply by steffen

Free Unicorn oracle messages

I have a lovely deck by Diana Cooper called Unicorn Cards filled with inspiring messages. If you are interested in receiving a Unicorn orac…

Started by Ashanna El Iriel

99 on Monday
Reply by María Sánchez

Free psychic reading

I offer you a Free Psychic reading. You can make a question about whatever you want: past life, soul origin or any topic that interests you…

Started by María Sánchez

274 Mar 16
Reply by Essence Blaze

Free Energy Reading

I offer you a Free Energy reading. :) -Type-Animal-Vegetal-Stone-Star / Planet-Color-Emotion-Music / Sound-ArchangelThis reading can be rep…

Started by María Sánchez

194 Mar 16
Reply by Cindy

Overcoming an obstacle 3 card tarot reading

Hell again I wanted to offer 3 card readings in the style 1 Block/challenge/theme 2 helpful attitude 3 helpful action And added numerol…

Started by Joy

64 Mar 16
Reply by Gezim Dervishi

Archangel oracle guidance

Hey Got a new wonderful deck. By Doreen Virtue. If you want a message please comnent below. Also please give some feedback. Shanti Joy

Started by Joy

256 Mar 14
Reply by LS



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