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The Great Infinite

I call our universe... the Great Infinite. The reason is evident in the name. The actual phenomena ongoing in our universe are of an infini…

Started by ZaikanLatest Reply

The Overview Affect: some strange things are happening to astronauts returning to earth

"Who would have thought traveling to outer space could be such a profound experience? OK, probably everybody, but these former astronauts r…

Started by AcyutãnandaLatest Reply

The Dimensional Model - by ET Earth Mission !

This Dimensional model, was given to me, and many others, by Extraterrestrial Earth Mission, who were pivotal in my awakening, so all credi…

Started by Mark SittingBearLatest Reply

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900 millions light years from Earth - who lives there?

Hello, I know this may sound weird but does anyone here have any idea what star, planets and Alien species exist there?? I couldnt find any…

Started by Star V

16 Apr 11
Reply by StarPhoenix Felix

I can see the Moons Aura

Anyone else experienced this? I've been training myself to see auras the last few weeks and noticed now that i can see a very distinct beau…

Started by JD97

4 Mar 16
Reply by Velvet Violet Sea

Clear memory of a past life last night

Hey everyone! So I had a pretty cool memory of a past (or maybe parallel) life last night, and wanted to share it with you :) I was on a hu…

Started by Krish

7 Mar 11
Reply by Turquoise Water


Is there any "real" death, i mean do we really die, or is it just our body that dies? what do you believe physical death to be? what do you…

Started by Gezim Dervishi

8 Mar 8
Reply by Taylor

A multinational group wants you to join 'Asgardia'

A multinational group wants you to join 'Asgardia' — the first outer-space nation with a mission to defend Earth http://www.businessinsider

Started by Enlil Ninlil

3 Mar 7
Reply by Asar Ciakar

The 'Light & Darkness in unison' BS.

Transcending the consciousness of even ‘just’ this galaxy apparently isn’t easy. But it gets easier from there.. :-) ..What you discover? I…

Started by Mr. Universe

57 Feb 25
Reply by Ke 'ano


I am shocked no one has made a discussion concerning this new discovery.   Around a dwarf star as well! These planets and system could be m…

Started by Orion_Archer

2 Feb 23
Reply by Zaikan

Does anyone know where these spacecrafts are from?

Stupid question I know haha. But I was wondering if anyone could intuitively pinpoint the origin of these crafts, or if anyone has seen the…

Started by Aishwarya Isabella

7 Feb 19
Reply by Orion_Archer

astronauts Frozen in time for space travel

 scientists are testing technology to freeze  astronauts on the space station to travel long space travel's do you think that this will hel…

Started by arun

0 Feb 8


I have been studying astrology for a year and a half. It helped me learn a lot about myself. I am interested to find out if anyone on here…

Started by Chrissy Carter

21 Feb 4
Reply by Chrissy Carter



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