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Youtube and Idenity Theft - Please help!

I am writing this as an insight and a warning to those who have considered setting up a Youtube channel or who already have. My friend has…

Started by 7ELatest Reply

Getting To Know Each Other - Astrology

Hey everyone!  I was just sitting here trying to think of a way for the community to get to know one another better, and personally, I can…

Started by Katelyn BraileyLatest Reply

Where did the chatroom go?

Ok, where is the chatroom?

Started by GwynnythLatest Reply

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The geniuses/ masterminds who ridicule others

Well you will notice some people, I have seen some of them, who in their minds are being very enligthened, the 'brainy' ones who have a uns…

Started by Angelic Star Love

0 on Saturday

Just a quick test-What can you pick up?

Below i'm going to add two pics. Tell me what can you pick up from those two pics? For example are they of the same person or two different…

Started by jeeva

22 Mar 10
Reply by Snowflake

Your Thoughts On The Voynich Manuscript?

This has actually been on my mind a lot. I wanted to know what others think of it. :) Peace

Started by Samantha McEwen

12 Mar 3
Reply by Kimberel Eventide

ever get a song stuck in your head?

Started by Eta Huinya

6 Feb 2
Reply by Ind

Hello Guys: Glad to be back-Update on my Spiritual awakening since 2015

Hello! I'm glad to be back! SO the last time I checked I was on here, being the Light seeker that I am , trying to figure out my position i…

Started by G

8 Jan 24
Reply by John Ij


I have seen lots of things in life. I have had only problems with women and yet i remeber something. Supposedly women want a man too look a…

Started by Christopher David William Gould

1 Jan 21
Reply by Vidar den Tavse


Thought Influenced Matter Energy As far as I can tell the only graspable concept of time is through the observation of change. In this find…

Started by JD

17 Nov 13, 2017
Reply by JD

Will someone please look at my natal chart?

I was wondering if someone could read my natal chart to figure out what my starseed origin is, please?! Thank you!!! 

Started by Rebecca Burns

27 Sep 23, 2017
Reply by Mark Alexander

Show us your eyes

I don't know if this is just me, but I am so very compelled by a person's eyes. I often get caught staring far longer than is generally "ap…

Started by gnivol

102 Sep 3, 2017
Reply by Aer Stargazer

Past life regression

Hello! I am wondering if anyone has undergone past life regression through the QHHT method? If so I would love to hear your insight & e…

Started by Laura

4 Jul 30, 2017
Reply by Jelly



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David Corah replied to Alvah The Pleiadian's discussion Free Angelic Reiki Healing/Activation for StarSeeds.net Community Members by Alvah from Pleiades
"Thankyou, Love and light. Namaste"
31 minutes ago
Alvah The Pleiadian replied to Alvah The Pleiadian's discussion Free Angelic Reiki Healing/Activation for StarSeeds.net Community Members by Alvah from Pleiades
"Hello Beautiful Souls I hope all of you have been enjoying working with Angelic Kingdom of…"
45 minutes ago
Misha I AM commented on Suzanne's photo

check-up for hybrids

"can you please give me more info on how you got this picture? Do you know about the med beds that…"
45 minutes ago
Misha I AM loved Suzanne's photo
48 minutes ago
Misha I AM loved Suzanne's photo
50 minutes ago
Alea Celeste replied to Dean's discussion Sivananda Daily Readings 17 March 2018 - Yogasara-Upanishad Mantra – 11: Dharana (concentration) is fixing the mind on an idea or a point or object either internal or external
"This is quite helpful!"
1 hour ago
Warden posted a video

Lucid Dreaming, Dream Work, Reiki Session and Energy Cleanse ASMR

Lucid dreaming and dream work are incredible experiences used either to control and create in your dreams, manifest, heal, receive messages, meet your guides...
1 hour ago
Misha I AM posted a photo
1 hour ago

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