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Youtube and Idenity Theft - Please help!

I am writing this as an insight and a warning to those who have considered setting up a Youtube channel or who already have. My friend has…

Started by 7ELatest Reply

Getting To Know Each Other - Astrology

Hey everyone!  I was just sitting here trying to think of a way for the community to get to know one another better, and personally, I can…

Started by Katelyn BraileyLatest Reply

Where did the chatroom go?

Ok, where is the chatroom?

Started by GwynnythLatest Reply

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Past life regression

Hello! I am wondering if anyone has undergone past life regression through the QHHT method? If so I would love to hear your insight & e…

Started by Laura

4 Jul 30
Reply by Jelly

Betrayal is in the human nature

Here are my thoughts conveyed via a poem on betrayal(My first attempt at poetry :). Betrayal seems like human nature When Ego sensual pl…

Started by Ayush Dixit

11 Jul 8
Reply by Paul Smeenis

Can't access chat

hi i can't seem to view or chat with anyone but it shows that i'm connected to chat..please help:(

Started by jeeva

9 Jun 28
Reply by Adrian

What is your Jung/Briggs Myers Personality Score?

Just curious about what people's scores would be.  Here's a link if you're interested:

Started by MeadowSweet

157 Jun 22
Reply by Warden

Started On an All Liquid Diet

I'm excited <3 so far so good since lunch yesterday

Started by Absent Mind

1 Jun 10
Reply by Apollymi

Things have changed...

My diet isn't changing because of moral or spiritual reasons It just doesnt taste the same anymore... no food does... i get cravings, but i…

Started by Absent Mind

2 Jun 10
Reply by Joseph


Hello everyone! I just wanted to talk a little about sleep. For me, I enjoy sleeping as little as possible while making the days feel like…

Started by Philip Lowe

4 Jun 10
Reply by Bjorn Hellstrom

What Color Does Today Feel Like?

Today feels like a pale orange kind of day for me.

Started by Sophie

10 May 25
Reply by Neph



Started by apocalypse

13 May 21
Reply by Mayelin

Mandela Effect, residual.

Here are some Traces. This is in regards to the Berenstain and Berenstain Bairs. The website seems to have shifted the name from after 2001…

Started by Akanahe' eh yeDyahlaneeEssassani

3 May 2
Reply by Space Snail



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