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This place made my life better

Happy new year beautiful souls, thanks to starseeds I know there are people just like me. Drop by a message or a comment if you've looking…

Started by ♥~Marta~♥Latest Reply

What's your story? How'd you come to join the Starseed network?

I think we all want to know more about each other. Mostly what similarities we might have or what we might have mutually experienced.

Started by Brandy JonesLatest Reply

Pictures of Members

I really wonder how people look like here as I am very curious Here is a picture of me Cant wait to see you all!!! :D

Started by SuzanLatest Reply

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Moving to discord

I am frustrated with skype. Leggy, spammy and friends are moving away to discord. So, I decided to open a chatroom is discord too. https://…

Started by Jelly

0 yesterday

Otherkin/dark or demonic beings

Hi there to anyone Reading this. I was wondering if there are anyone here who identify as an otherkin; specifically that they're a darker b…

Started by Ajka Redzic

38 Mar 12
Reply by JAFAYEL

New member

Hello. I am new here and I really want to know more about my origins.

Started by Alana Silverstar

18 Mar 8
Reply by Dave Kelly

Hello / Olá

Happy to be here! I found this site and community by "chance" after I felt an awakening in which now allows me to see synchronization aroun…

Started by Pedro Miguel Ribeiro Caleiro

1 Mar 6
Reply by vala

Hi. Hola. Bonjour. ...

Hi everyone. I am new here. Please see my profile if you want to know a little about me, in the spiritual sense. I am also in need of assis…

Started by Jason

2 Mar 5
Reply by Jason


Greetings everyone. I will go by Ke 'ano here. I live in the Appalachian Mountains, with my wife. As far as my identity. This is something…

Started by Ke 'ano

5 Feb 28
Reply by Empress Beyond Infinity

Hello from the Titan worlds

I suppose it's time I introduce myself. You can call me Ton. Starseed, empath, general non-native. Most of what I know is intuitive, though…

Started by Neema Ton

8 Feb 27
Reply by Setesh

Greetings Everyone

I stumbled on to this site by accident while searching for support groups for some of the issues I have encountered in the last few years.…

Started by Archer

6 Feb 25
Reply by Archer


Hey I'm ash My sister told me about this website when she 'came out' to me as a starseed (still learning about it tbh, she didnt tell me he…

Started by Ash

1 Feb 24
Reply by Setesh


Learning about my Starseed origins made my life worse and better at the same time. Three years ago, right after college, I found the video…

Started by Stacy

6 Feb 15
Reply by Dejan



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