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"I have a dream" - My Vision for the new world

How can I make a difference??  Im only little me! The following vision is just an idea, but an idea that has power, and is for everyone to…

Started by Sareyan NirvelliLatest Reply

The 11 Insights of the Celestine Prophecy

Inspired by Windstars post  on the four control dramas I thought I would share the 11 insights as well as they are very inspirational and t…

Started by Sareyan NirvelliLatest Reply

4 Control Dramas

I've read The Celestine Prophecy as well as the other books by James Redfield. They are all pretty amazing if you haven't read yet :) I hig…

Started by ✮Wind✮Latest Reply

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Starseeds and asexuality

Hello. I realized last year I'm asexual.  I'm not interested in physical intimacy.  At all.  I read/watch porn, and it bores me; I don't c…

Started by Lilith Kooks

23 Feb 21
Reply by Snowflake

Ideas for Minimalist, Simplicity, and Simple Living?

I am moving in with my twin flame within the next few years, and we both are interested in decreasing the volume of our possessions, limitt…

Started by Laude

0 Feb 15

The Struggles Of Being Unattractive/Ugly :(

I know this would at first seem odd to post on such a spiritual website. However, I look at this as being the elephant in the room that nob…

Started by Allas

24 Jan 29
Reply by Allas

Foods for higher vibration

I've just recently tried to start vegetarianism. I have been wanting to cut meat out for a long time now but have lacked the funds to eat p…

Started by K

10 Dec 23, 2017
Reply by Helen Mohlin

What is the ego, and how can I dissolve it?

Hey everyone, Bet you haven't heard that question before, huh? Well, anyway, I've come a long way on my spiritual journey, and I feel like…

Started by Tala Wolfe

7 Oct 25, 2017
Reply by Atylmo

Mental Illness And Meds

I am feeling amazingly grounded this morning, and that is part of the inspiration for this message that I'm typing. I have dealt with ment…

Started by Singing Aesephena

22 Sep 27, 2017
Reply by Mark Fragola


First I would say that I do not or feel others as well would, seek pain and suffering. While there are times we experience pain from being…

Started by JD

8 Sep 25, 2017
Reply by JD

are you empathetic? 15 signs that you may relate to

child or a adult some of you like me may relate to 100% matching of these. 15 Signs Your an Empath: 1. They only have a few good friends.…

Started by Apollymi

2 Sep 18, 2017
Reply by ann

Microwaved food?

Hi I'm trying to not eat so much microwaved food cuz I feel its bad for me and affects my energy negatively. I just kinda lost appetite in…

Started by Den

21 Sep 3, 2017
Reply by Anne

Why pacifism cannot work to combat extremism or tyranny

I've notice a pretty big theme on this site tends to be the whole love & light along side pacifism and non-violent revolution to combat…

Started by Eliyahu

27 Jul 1, 2017
Reply by Turquoise Water



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