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"I have a dream" - My Vision for the new world

How can I make a difference??  Im only little me! The following vision is just an idea, but an idea that has power, and is for everyone to…

Started by Sareyan NirvelliLatest Reply

The 11 Insights of the Celestine Prophecy

Inspired by Windstars post  on the four control dramas I thought I would share the 11 insights as well as they are very inspirational and t…

Started by Sareyan NirvelliLatest Reply

4 Control Dramas

I've read The Celestine Prophecy as well as the other books by James Redfield. They are all pretty amazing if you haven't read yet :) I hig…

Started by ✮Wind✮Latest Reply

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Concerning green diets and antidepressives, fatigue, etc

How much can a green diet get rid of depression, cronic fatique, diabetes etc? What diets are best recommendable? For a person living extre…

Started by Helen Mohlin

9 18 hours ago
Reply by ⚛Arielle Bellehumeur⚛

dealing with human life ? if you can call it that

not so sure its dealing as just kinda being here realy. as a child i new i was different. my thinking was more mature even at the age of 2.…

Started by RainbowStar

15 on Sunday
Reply by Jelly

Soul Sundays! An alternative to church

What is a Soul Sunday?: Originally created by my soul tribe and I, Soul Sundays, are one day a week completely honor your spirit and connec…

Started by Shea (Tdotadoga)

0 on Saturday

My Diet

Eggs and bread for breakfast Half pound of chicken or fish for dinner with quarter pound of quinoa+brown rice OR steak chili with quarter p…

Started by Empress Beyond Infinity

4 on Friday
Reply by Empress Beyond Infinity

The Fantastic Dream

Last night I had a nice brake from the re-occuring nuclear nightmares, with a dream I spent time with extraterrestrial explorers and creato…

Started by Akanahe' eh yeDyahlaneeEssassani

11 Mar 30
Reply by Akanahe' eh yeDyahlaneeEssassani

No Words

I've been debating posting this because it seems silly. At the same time it was a profound moment for me. This past week, I took a trip…

Started by Empress Beyond Infinity

1 Mar 21
Reply by Iulia

Starseed intentional community.

Greetings one and all! I am posting this here at this time to reach out and foster discussion among those in resonance with the idea and co…

Started by David Michael

3 Mar 19
Reply by David Michael

Looking for info on Reptilian customs, traditions, culture, etc.

Hey everyone :) I recently started a book series concerning Earth's limitations, and just the fact that it is a prison planet, in the proce…

Started by Krish

37 Feb 23
Reply by NO_ONE

how many gay starrseeds are on here or im the only one?

talk with me and get to know me. especially if you're a girl ;) LOL.

Started by Kadin

14 Jan 11
Reply by Charlotte Kimberly

Job and life paths?

I was wondering what path you are on like your job, if you have a family, religion, friends, so basically your story. Also how your Ascensi…

Started by Hamman

2 Jan 9
Reply by Atalanta



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