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If you have the time to spare, I'm seeking for help...

...I am in desperate need of guidance. This is a long summary of my 'Self', but it is the first time I have posted anything like this onli…

Started by Kara KayLatest Reply

Please help my beautiful little starseed come home

I apologize in advance if anyone thinks this is an improper place to post this- but please find a moment in your day to at least read our s…

Started by HipiluvaLatest Reply

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Lapis lazuli problems

I rly need some help.....I allways loved my lapis earrings, but something changed. Yes, they are cleansed and only I wear them. But..they s…

Started by Maiesta

13 Aug 12
Reply by StarPhoenix Felix

Help Needed

I am in desperate need of help from anyone who can find out things about me. i don't have anyone I can seek help from, I'm currently stuck…

Started by Sierra

6 Aug 2
Reply by SpiralLibra

Incarnated Angel: Seeking Advice

I recently discovered I am an incarnated angel. I have known I was an angel for basically my entire life. I just haven't taken the time to…

Started by Zoey

13 Aug 1
Reply by Paul Smeenis

{o*o} LOOKING FOR A TEAM {o*o}

To my beloved star brothers and sisters out there, to my fellow angels incarnate, to all manner of lightworkers, initiated, and awakened be…


0 Jul 26

Crazy Ascension Symptoms?

Greetings all, I have a very strange and somewhat concerning situation going on with myself. I was working out yesterday, (as I do everyday…

Started by Carter Kangas

3 Jul 1
Reply by Carter Kangas

All my friends are gone

I just wanted to make a post in hopes of figuring out what's going on, is it normal that two of my closest friends that I have had for almo…

Started by Carter Kangas

36 Jun 22
Reply by Carter Kangas

Want to make an important plan, but need help to figure out some important things before

I haven't returned home for centuries, and now I fear, I will remain here forever. Before I make a plan to escape from this planet as soon…

Started by Ayalin

7 Jun 15
Reply by Arcturio

Freedom, Depression, Evil & Revolution

Hello Beautiful Star beings of love and light,I've faced a rather long term depression. I read these all the time on Starseeds from others.…

Started by Veronica Sechter

25 May 17
Reply by Frost

Am I being held for a fool

Am I being held for a fool with bf? Could someone see if thats the case ànd reason please? Bf is a person that been on off bf. he has of c…

Started by Helen Mohlin

45 May 10

How can I achieve real peace & tranquility?

Hi Stars, I'm having a lot of problems on earth. It's almost impossible for me to resonate with people where I live. So much anger and stuf…

Started by Shan'ti

37 May 3
Reply by Shan'ti


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