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Desperate need for Healing for my cousin

My cousin Crystal has had cystic fibrosis since she was born. Her older sister has already passed from it. My cousin is now hospitalized wi…

Started by Starrlah SatinkaLatest Reply


Dear Brothers and Sisters,   This is not the first time I asked for help and healing.  Remember a few month ago, there was bad bad haze in…

Started by PiperonLatest Reply


I ran into a man on the street today, his name is Carlos Davis. He has had a very rough life starting with being fed drain-o by his father…

Started by DLatest Reply

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I received a distrubing soul reading

Hi everyone. One man looked into my aura and said pretty bad things about it. That my first chakra is not active and that the soul of some…

Started by vala

28 23 hours ago
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Healing for past and present trauma made worse by mental aid gone too far

Hi friends. I come to you because someone I know who is suffering a lot has been on my mind and heart all day. I can't reach them verbally…

Started by Jave Adeveni

4 Jan 25
Reply by Jace

Remote EFT tapping - to Help Release and Let Go of Self Sabotage

Hi all, sorry for all of the frequent healing requests, - I recently realized my situation as one as self-sabotage, which was introduced to…

Started by Abby

1 Jan 12
Reply by Turquoise Water

Healing Closure, Help and Advice, Please. (Thank You All)

Hi all, some of you might have read my previous discussion, and if you do go ahead to that link, do read the replies. Because of that exper…

Started by Abby

8 Jan 11
Reply by Lauren

I'm truely tires of being blind

Most of us are here because we don't feel like we belong. I never really understood having a body but since I have one, I'd like for it to…

Started by Star

10 Jan 1
Reply by Nix

-thank you-

Thank you for your many prayers. I couldn't figure out how to delete this discussion, but thank you.

Started by Jave Adeveni

14 Dec 25, 2016
Reply by Jave Adeveni

Please send love, healing & protection.

I have a broken everything. Every joint. Healing countless times with traditional Chinese medicine, worked wonders. I am still being bullie…

Started by Tombe

6 Dec 18, 2016
Reply by Nix

Help please

As I write this I am laying on the floor in agony. Jusy got back from the hospital. Gave me some cortisone for the inflamation If anyone c…

Started by Orion_Archer

4 Nov 16, 2016
Reply by Orion_Archer

Pulmonary Edema

I came out of a surgery on the 25th and coming out I apparently had pulmonary edema (fluid in my lungs).  I was given Lasik water pill at t…

Started by The Great Sea

36 Nov 1, 2016
Reply by The Great Sea

Healing for Standing Rock and #NoDAPL **CALL TO ACTION**

This is just a call to action for all of you out there who are healers and energy workers. It is getting violent at Standing Rock. Please s…

Started by Lauren Huyser

1 Oct 28, 2016
Reply by Lauren



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