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Intuition, do you trust it completely?

I have a hard time visualizing things and my automatic writing seems to consist of symbols that i can't understand, the feeling of giving a…

Started by Stephen

3 May 8, 2009
Reply by Stephen

Finding meaning

Started by Falling Feather (Jojo)

3 May 1, 2009
Reply by okami762

Great tools for energy management.

Mastering Alchemy I surfed upon Jim Self and 1 week later saw him in person at an IONS meeting. He has powerful, yet simple, methods for en…

Started by Steve

1 Mar 14, 2009
Reply by RedBeard

Brandon Bay's -The Journey

My boss is paying for 2 other staff and myself to join in a 2 day workshop by Brandon Bays, THE JOURNEY. I'm wondering if anyone here has…

Started by Acyutãnanda

1 Feb 15, 2009
Reply by Suzie

golden sperm

from Brahma Samhita: TEXT 13 tad-roma-bila jalesu bijam sankarsanasya ca haimany andani jatani maha-bhutavrtani tu SYNONYMS tat--of H…

Started by Acyutãnanda

0 Jan 24, 2009

The role of MAYA

taken from http://krishnascience.com/Vaisnava%20Library/Practical%20application/Ufo/Chap12.htm 12.2 The role of maya It seems then, that m…

Started by Acyutãnanda

0 Jan 24, 2009

One with everything?

from 'The PATH OF HEALING' by H.K.Challoner You ask: "What is this mystic union of which so many teachers speak when ultimately the dewdrop…

Started by Acyutãnanda

4 Jan 22, 2009
Reply by Nakrishna

Revolution in Common Sense or Quantum Metaphysics

I really love this essay. I read it when I was younger and was blown away by its simplicity and self-evidence, and also the realisations it…

Started by Acyutãnanda

0 Jan 3, 2009



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