Extraterrestrials And Others (710)

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a log revisited

This is an older log which i thought of sharing again with everyonewhom this may concern...After all, these are the stuffs i've learned fro…

Started by Jay Vincent Ahih Jaihi FesahaLatest Reply

The Real Agenda.

        Talking with a good friend today about a subject made me feel it was time to have another discussion concerning these matters. It i…

Started by ζ Naos سهيل هدارLatest Reply

Videos of ET?

hey guys most of you know that one simple search on the internet can give you lots of results of aliens caught on video now most of them pr…

Started by Robert Jospeh CampbellLatest Reply

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Lightships & Star Family identification

This thread is for sharing photographs of ships, with a view to identifying and attuning to various star family groups who are here assisti…

Started by Joanna

417 19 hours ago
Reply by Joanna

Obama briefing on UFO's and extraterrestrials

I just got a email from Steven Greer that Obama is being brief about UFOs and extraterrestrials

Started by arun

13 yesterday
Reply by PortiaGermain

Triangle shaped formation of lights in sky tonight over me

I just was out stargazing. I saw Pleiades and tried to take a pic with my phone but it didn't work. I started praying and asked my guardian…

Started by Denny First

5 Feb 17
Reply by Denny First

Can someone enlighten me about Reptilian energy?

The things that I've noticed with the Reptilians that I communicate with is that 1) they're very protective (of me) and 2) their energy is…

Started by Kaigera Winters

18 Feb 13
Reply by Musuhi

LUMerian not Lemurian??

Hi all--this is my first post. I had a question about some information I received during meditation this morning and could not find my answ…

Started by Lauren444

15 Jan 27
Reply by Max Steinberg

Nordic Aliens in a Dream...??

So, as I've said I have an obsession with aliens. I have for a rather long time now. I often have dreams about them. I try to ignore the dr…

Started by Sierra

3 Jan 24
Reply by 4Locota

I am being watched, and I'm in fear.

During the past couple of weeks I have experienced several unusual things that range from fainting and incomprehensible time distortions to…

Started by ☽ ✬ ☀ Hazen ☀ ✬ ☾

22 Jan 24
Reply by joskoM

5th Dimensional Sirius Beings

I would like to know more about what Sirius looks like since the realm is of the 5th dimension. Please share your thoughts and inform me! :…

Started by Nefertari

5 Jan 23
Reply by Miss Koytraz (Lilith)

What is the Truth behind the Dogman/werewolves?

So I've been doing some research on a creature that my mother, uncle, grandmother and deceased grandfather all remember seeing sometime bet…

Started by ☽ ✬ ☀ Hazen ☀ ✬ ☾

4 Jan 13
Reply by Miss Koytraz (Lilith)

Heterochromia eyes ?

Who have Heterochromia Eyes and variation ?

Started by Calissa Rusakova

29 Jan 9
Reply by Calissa Rusakova



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