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a log revisited

This is an older log which i thought of sharing again with everyonewhom this may concern...After all, these are the stuffs i've learned fro…

Started by Jay Vincent Ahih Jaihi FesahaLatest Reply

The Real Agenda.

        Talking with a good friend today about a subject made me feel it was time to have another discussion concerning these matters. It i…

Started by ζ Naos سهيل هدارLatest Reply

Videos of ET?

hey guys most of you know that one simple search on the internet can give you lots of results of aliens caught on video now most of them pr…

Started by Robert Jospeh CampbellLatest Reply

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Anyone know who the Akashabu are? Not sure if that's spelled right but that's how it sounds.

I asked who the friendly ETs who help me are and the word or words I heard in my head was/were Akashabu. I said words cuz I don't know if t…

Started by Denny First

11 Jun 17
Reply by Dr. Amy R Queen

Beautiful Lights

Hey everyone! I experienced a really amazing thing not too long ago. I was outside for a little out back just relaxing, and I saw these gre…

Started by Philip Lowe

4 Jun 13
Reply by Philip Lowe

Things seeded by ET's?

I was wondering:)..  ..wondering about what things in our world have been "seeded" by higher beings. Now.. I suppose you could say that eve…

Started by ansi

4 Jun 11
Reply by earthkeeper

Incarnated Angels ?

Can anyone tell me more about 'Incarnated Angels' and if they have any correlation to what some deem as 'Fallen Angels?'

Started by Lyra

14 Jun 7
Reply by Angel: Sase

do you think youmight be a parent of a hybrid child ET/human?

in Sept 2015 I found out in my writings I do that 5 of the 8 of my hybrid kids are coming to Earth this coming Sept 2017. Here is what they…

Started by Misha I AM

1 Jun 6
Reply by Miss Koytraz (Lilith)

ET Experiences

I would love to know about those of you who have had ET/Being contact that has positively impacted your life. What were those experiences a…

Started by Mimi Daru

12 May 30
Reply by Misha I AM

parents of Hybrid children

<="" p=""> Here is what they have told me Hello this is Petula, and I enjoy music. I have my own instrument I will bring with me. I…

Started by Misha I AM

0 May 30

Positive Reptilian Experiences

Have any of you experienced positive contact by reptilian species? Either terran or ET? One of the reasons that I am on this site is to pro…

Started by 010101

47 May 29
Reply by Dr. Amy R Queen

Reason why raptor collective become evil

When dinosaurs left earth raptors formed group on pleadian planet. They started to live as pleadians there and took neutral role in space a…

Started by John Raptor

0 May 19

Abduction experiences (please share)

Hello friends, please share your abduction experiences with grey beings (or other if so) if you can and like. Can be positive or negative.…

Started by Abductus

2 May 19
Reply by John Raptor


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